Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Not A Sweet Duckling

Ha! As if *this* was a surprise or something! :D

Why am I mentioning this obvious fact?
It's because I've realized that when I come close to hating someone, it's SCARY. I'm as crude, rude & mean as Snape to Harry.....and currently, one dude is experiencing this.

It has started very innocently.
I've gotten to know him via DD. The dude (can I call him XY?) has fallen in love with DD. I have his ICQ so we were talking. Blahblahbla here, yadda-yadda there.
XY is too shy to confess to DD (I understand this cuz I couldn't confess to S for seven years; however, I was advising XY to confess to her ASAP so he won't find himself in the same situation as me) and we were talking about this.........gradually I've been getting to know him better and better and I've understood one crucial thing about him: HE IS AN IMMATURE KID WITH MORE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES THAN IS HEALTHY.

Just a note, *ahem*, I hate guys like these, since I was with my then-bf who had inferiority complexes too & he was trying to mask it by acting all macho while he didn't have the character of a gentleman! (WTP la, my next bf will be prince William..! *giggles stupidly*)

I digressed.

So. I was trying to accept & respect him the way he is, I really was. I was almost successful but then last Friday (Feb 23) came and that had spoiled it all. @_@

XY & XZ (XY's friend) have asked DD if she doesn't wanna hang out with them in the downtown. She went, but under the condition of me going too because she knew about XY's love for her and she was scared of her mere life. :P
So I went.
I was pretending to be interested in those two fuckers bravely....and I was zoning out.....and wishing I was wherever else....and then, at 9.30pm I have excused myself, saying, I have to go cuz I must take a walk with my dog. DD went to sleep here so she went with me.

During our lovely little chat these two dudes were asking me WHERE I live. I told them, unsuspecting the consequences.

30 minutes later when I was with DD, these two assholes rang her up. They asked where we are & where I live. DD wasn't able to tell them. After a while, they rang her up again. And AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN.
In total they rang her up for EIGHT times.

They said they're coming to see us at where I live and they even had the fucking guts to ask *ME* where exactly I live!!!!!
I forgot to say that I've sent XY an angry SMS saying, "NOBODY HAS INVITED YOU!!!!". Yet the XZ dude has asked me where I live. I told him to fuck off.

HOW can people be so fucking rude?!
And don't those two feel that I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THEM???!!!

That was really a Hell Friday. *fumes*

Know what's the best?

Both XY & XZ have DD's pics in their cellphones (without DD knowing about it!) and among these pics there is one with DD's lips.
On that Friday DD was looking at that pic.

"Hey, this is me!"

Both XY & XZ pretending a surprise:
"REALLY?! O_o"

I fucking bet they're masturbating by it everyday. @_@ *shrugs*

Today I met with XY at the History of Art classes. Oh gosh. I just can't hide it how much I despise him, his skinny body, his no fashion taste, his annoying questions & his inferiority complexes. Him & his girl friend were bitching something about me very silently but..... *yawns & walks away*

I will never get, WHAT DD sees at him....she talks to him as if nothing happened! @_@
Pretty amazing, considering their chasing & masturbating tendencies!!!!!

Argh. I'd kick his grape-sized balls if he was worth such an activity.


I was in Aupark today & all those people were oh so funny to me. They're all so superficial!!!! @_@ :P

There were times when I felt all orgasmic seeing a Hilfiger logo but I see a big change (to the better) at me now. I suppose it has started BIG & DEFINITE after visiting VSVU and deciding on my unis in all details.....it's like, I have finally understood that being original my own self & NOT a copycat following the latest trends, COUNTS.

Congrats, Miss M. ^___^


Okay. It's 11.24pm, I'm tired and I'm going to remove my make-up, take a shower, wash the hair and GO TO BED. Tomorrow I'm skipping the students works' showcase Cerebrum and instead of that I am looking forward for a LOOOONG sleep, a walk with Haku, a visit to the framery (?) where I'm going with my aquarell and another thing and last but not least - my cousin has a concert at 5.30pm somewhere so I'm most probably going to check her out. :)

I'm VERY MUCH feeling like wearing no make-up tomorrow & going out in my PJs but I can't cuz it's too cold and who knows *when* will I meet T?! HA?!

Yeah, I'm an ah lian afterall!
Guys = *must look pretty*

WTP!!!! @_@ XD

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