Monday, February 05, 2007

The Unexpected Brand New Episode Of My Own Korean Drama

Today I happily opened the postbox and took out the three envelopes laying there. One was from the bank. The other was from the government or from wherever. These two were addressed on my mother's name.

Then there was the third envelope, beige, from the recycled paper, sleek & with Malaysian stamps. RM1,50.

I took it.
It was from my ex-boyfriend.
I opened it.
It was a THREE pages long letter written with a blue pen. O_O

I read it.

I feel very puzzled now. :P

It basically says that even after all that long time that has passed, he
still loves me, he doesn't want to be just "someone" to me; he doesn't want to
be a "friend" as well, because being a "friend" says nothing. He wants to be
someone who'll wait for me at the airport, who'll hug me & kiss me and etc.
He's not comfortable with me seeing guys either (ERM, SO...??!)....and he still
dreams about me.

W. T. P. O_o

What IS happening in this world?! O_o


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WEIRD, isn't it. =_= @_@ >_<