Saturday, February 03, 2007

Long Live, Sappy Korean Dramas! :)

I've just reluctantly stopped Stairway To Heaven for today - I saw 4 episodes in a row - and I can't wait for more to come.

The plot is pretty similar to the one of Winter Sonata with the lost memory, old love, old mutual memories the one side had long forgotten...even the characters are similar in a way and it's not just that Choi Ji-Woo played the femme fatale in both dramas.
Both in WS & STH the guy is the rich CEO while the woman is in lower position but granted a really kool job by the guy who has granted this to her because she is THE one he's desperately searching for.
Well, or vice versa, in WS it was Yun Ji-Sun seeking for Kang Joon-Sang after she saw a glimpse of him (aka Lee Min-Hyung) on the streets but....

Am I confusing everyone right now? :)

Maybe because it's already 2am. :P

(That long hair is weird & those grandpa glasses even weirder but I still feel the sudden urge to rape him. Must be the sexual baelution.)

(This is the naughtiest photo I could find so far, gahaha!)



I oh so fucking much envy Choi Ji-Woo for being able to star with both of them in dramas!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! All those hugs, piano plays, kisses (WS, last episode! *_*)...aiyaaaah, I also wanna. ^^

Good night. ^^ I shall dream of dating these two heavenly guys! :D


Would you rather cheat Kwon Sang Woo with Bae Yong Joon OR vice versa???? :D

I, myself just CAN'T decide. XD

And I know what you ducks think! That I'm PATHETIC!!!!! :D
Ugh yes, I totally am. =_= XD

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