Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last & First

It's already 10.46pm and I haven't even peeked at the school stuffs SO I think I shouldn't blab novels here. No one cares anyways, so wat.

TODAY I wrote the last Chem test of my life with 15 questions among which I had NO IDEA about 3 of them. Ugh hihihihi. Sorry, but how does some something-alanine looks by pH 13??? O_o Me has no idea, me wasn't even at school when my classmates were learning about the proteins cuz I was stuck somewhere in Zdiar with ex-bf or whatever, I don't remember anymore. I hope that I'll get 3 (C) from Chem.

Actually - and this is very emmbarrassing - I'll have 3 almost from everything. =_=

Probable awful results:

Slovak language & Literature - 2
English - 1
Spanish - 2
Social Studies - 2
Biology - 3 (shit! Only if I've studied!)
History - 3 (and I must go for that oral examination on Friday or Monday, fucking damn cheebye bitch aaaarrggghhhh go fuck off you shitty asshole, I hate you, the way you're 'teaching' is so fucking unprofessional, I feel like kickin' your stinky ass, go rot in hell & stop annoying my life, go fuck off FOR GOOD!!!!!!! Anal asshole Sibitchsova!!!!!)
PE - 2
Chemistry - 3 (Hopefully! But after today's test...... *gulps*)
Maths - 4 (Hopefully)
Physics - 4 (32,5% HAHAHAHA, I suck!)


I'm alarmed at the state of my stupidity, irresponsibility, laziness & my attitude towards school ("LET IT END!"). ARRGGH!

One more year & I am free from all this shit.


I'm gonna throw a big party then & invite the whole world there - including perv Pakis, Dutch paedophiles, middle-aged Japanese men who collect schoolgirls' worn panties, Korean grannies who eat dog meat, stupid Americans who don't know that there's a place called "Europe", Thai prostitutes, old perv Germans who sleep with Thai prostitutes & Colombian cocaine dealers!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ahahaha no no, I'm just joking. :D

The tasks until the next Monday:

Thursday - school, walk with Haku, downtown -> buy a t-shirt for Ilkka, give back that 20Skk I owe the guy at Góvinda (a veggie Indian restaurant), Koprivnica check-out with the developer (or whoever)
Friday - fucked up oral exam with Sibitchisova asshole, walk with Haku, downtown?, go home & meet up with madre and Xeňa, the estate agent and madre's ex-classmate
Monday - school, art course, FREEDOM!

Summer holidays are here in exactly 13 schooldays & I'm thinking of trying out tennis or something. Wouldn't it be kool? :D Or maybe that horseriding....hmmm....I don't know. Maybe I'll just draw, draw, draw & draw, draw, draw as I'll finally have a time for that.

Reading this entry by Minishorts made me thinking..... I've never been the dumpee but always the dumper. Why? Isn't it wrong? O_o

Oh OK, this is a very random entry. Me is lazy to blab more. I'm off to read some blogs. ^^

Listening to: "Memories" by Lee Seung-Chul
Yay!: We went to check out the Koprivnica's exterior today & it doesn't look bad!!!! The only disadvantage is, that it's 30mins by tram away from the downtown.

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