Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Summer Plans

Can't wait for today's evening. 10pm is MY TIME when I shall indulge myself in staring at the snobbish Wednesday Selection. ^___^

SAMSUNG SUPER LEAGUE, *<-- click* geddit????? WAAAHHOOOOO!!!!!!! :D
This time it's gonna be in Luzern.

Horses, horses, my love! ^_^

Talking about horses, I'm planning to join that horseclub with that weird trainer. Heh. It's called Zlat√° Noha (Golden Leg, stupid name I think) & it's just 4 trolleybus stops by 203 from me or in other words, like 15~20mins by feet.

I miss horseriding way too much. Saya tak boleh tahan liao. (I told you I'm learning new lingos fast, muaha!) horserider's apparel (the black velvet helmet, the half chaps; anyways, see the pic if you don't know what I mean!) is 5068865yrs old already & it's way too small.... Especially the jodhpurs.
OH DUCKNESS, I wouldn't wear them even on my toe now!!!!! Haha!
As far as I remember it was size 36 (now I'm 40!) & it was damn over-priced - like 2000Skk. @_@

I ask myself, why I even bought it???? *slaps head*

Perhaps for the important horserider's feeling I got when wearing them.
I almost felt like a part of some snobbish British horseriders' club where damn rich royal ppl come & brag about their recent polo match with HRH this & HRH that & the Duchess of this & that, all using the funny nasal Oxford accent. Hihihihihi.

I also have to go to Piestany & take my dark blue long whip from there.... And the half chaps.
Here they are:

Well, mine are dark brown & from a suede AND I'm afraid that they'll be TOO SMALL as well but hmmm.... We shall see. If they're too small, I'll buy new ones which are again gonna be ridiculously overpriced. =_=

[OH NO, I just looked at the Eurosport's programme & what do I see??? I see NO WEDNESDAY SELECTION! O_O Does it Samsung Super League today???!!!??? Oh no no no no, uuuuaaahhhhh, and I was looking forward to it all day long. -_- TT_TT *sighhhhhhhh*]

Well, at least I'll draw. That won't hurt me as I can't even draw a straight line. -_~

Lemme go wash my hair & my face and apply 50 healing ointments on it (my skin is again awful) and then....THE DRAWING shall begin. I swear I won't procrastinate!!!!!

Listening to: "The Fighting Spirit Of Dong Bang" by DBSK. THANKS A LOT, JUSTINE!!!!!! ^_____^ It's a great song, the guys have really nice voices in it, me loooooves it! ^___^v
Yay!: The sky is so blue & wonderful, I love it, ya know? ^^
Grrr: We wrote a Maths exam today. Great, great, great. =_=

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