Monday, June 05, 2006

Future Designer? Where got one?! -_~

I'm SO disappointed in myself. *slaps herself*

Today at the art course I've decided to stop my fav mindless drawing/painting of springy landscapes, blue flying dogs, artworks รก la I-have-smoked-a-lot-of-weed-just-now, busts which resemble S (he's in my subconsciousness, I swear he is - this year I was painting one Greek - or whatever - bust & it turned out like S!), dreamy fantasies with butterflies & flowers, idiotic craps & other DUCKSHIT.

Instead of this waste of time - and a great exercise of my fantasy - I've decided to take the pencil & draw the opened door in front of me, with a room in the back.

It looked fairly easy but................................................................................ seems like I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE!!!!

Really!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!!??? *bangs head everywhere*
I seriously had problems with holding my hand straight & drawing one darn straight line!!!!

1 year before the exams to the uni I find out that I DON'T HAVE A FIRM, SKILLED HAND.

I'm seriously "DELIGHTED".
What I have to do in order to learn to draw straight lines (in my 17 yrs, mind you), is DRAW, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW, DRAW & DRAW.

Draw the corners.
Draw the stairs.
Draw the windows.
Draw the houses.
Draw the villas.
Draw the swimming pools.
Draw the sofas.
Draw the kitchen.

Too much laziness + no drawing + sketching horses/flowers/etc. + no talent = ME

Okay, I may have creativity (I know I DO have it) but sadly, I have no talent. =_=


Still I'm gonna try it. :P

Listening to: "Only You", piano & violin version, Winter Sonata OST
Yay!: I've survived those three tests....and tmr we have no classes! ^^
Grrr: Another Maths test on Wed, Thu & probably on Fri too. Oh yes, and on Fri we've got Eng test as well.

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