Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quacky Quack

Have you noticed, that I'm no longer a Sparkling Duckling, but SIMPLY QUACKYLICIOUS?
So me.
Hihihi! ^^

Mi madre bought a glasses frame for 13 600Skk (Euro 360, 364) today...oh man....talk about wasting! XD They're darn pretty though. I'm alright with crazy prices for glasses (mine were for 11 000Skk - with the lenses though) cuz glasses is something you have on your face & WHO wants to have an ugly thing on his/her face?
And cheap = mostly ugly. So there.

I really REALLY envy her. Final day...... Isn't that wonderboobful? *_*

My final day at Vazka will be a crazy happiness! I mean, I'll miss the people, the library, the new playground but I definately won't miss *certain* professors. Ugh. Phew!!!
Still. Nostalgic memories.... S S S S S... this thing, that thing... Oh well, I've still got like 9 months to go. *sigh*

I know that I'm changing my uni preferences like every two weeks but NOW, I swear that this is gonna be my LAST DECISION. A very modest one, mind you.
Two possible scenarios of my uni future are ahead of me.
Scenario 1:

We buy a horribly expensive (4 500 000Skk+++) flat at Koliba. No money for anything. No money for my study-outta-SVK ideas. Thus, I settle for the good ol' VSVU, Graphic Design course or for the STU (Slovak Technical Uni) and its Product Design.

Scenario 2:

We buy no flat OR we buy a cheaper one, far faaar away from S (I'll wither away then, hah). Got money for me to quack away. So there might go the Parsons College or some uni in the UK, preferrably the best one! Communication/Graphic Design courses, please.

I'm very proud of myself!
Ain't that a miracle??? O_o :D

Me is so proud, proud, proud. ^^
Quack it up, ducky.

Okay. A very pointless entry, I KNOW!!!!!

And aaarrgghhh, I'm an irresponsible cheebye (see, I'm learning new lingos very fast! XD), today I wanted to DRAW, DRAW, DRAW & CHECK OUT DA MATHS. Also I had to go out with Haku on what I forgot & father almost strangled me.

Guess what I did?

0/3 tasks done. Ugh.

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Bratislava is getting nicer & nicer. All tourists, please finally FORGET PRAGUE, VISIT BRATISLAVA!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Grrr: Got school tmr & 46876 tests again. =_=


aud said...

hahahahaha cheebye is a very bad swear word 0_0

Princess Mich said...

MUAHAHA, I know! But the worse it is, the more it fascinates me..hihihihi....

Btw, thanks Aud for stopping by here! ^^ I LOVE your blog! ^^

cheesie said...

Awww don't be. While you're still at uni, enjoy every moment! Good luck and all the cheese.

Thanx fr ur feedback too. I'm glad you like my blog. :)

Princess Mich said...

Yay! Cheesie!!! Thanks for stopping by here! ^__^ Sadly, I'm still at HIGH SCHOOL, poor me.... *sigh sigh* And yes, I like your blog, it's really kool & funny. ^_^