Monday, June 12, 2006

Briefly & Happily


    Yeah! YEAH! YEAHH!!!!
    Let's partyyyyyy lallalalallaaaaa traalallalalalallalal hihihihhiiiiiii I even didn't fail although I was damn close to it, lallalallaaaaaa, 32,5% and if I had 29% I'd fail, mwaaahhahahahhahaaaaaa, LET'S PARTY ALL NIGHT LOOOONG YEAHHH BABEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^_^ I'm just so happy.
    I love Physics but NOT in the school. Bleaaaurrrgghhh. But otherways, gimme a Physical book and I'll read it happily. I know I'm weird. :D

  • Today's conversation with Pom:

    Me: Hey Pom, what do u want for ur bday? (It's on Aug 9th but whatever)
    Pom: I don't want anything~
    Me: U must want something!!!! But I can't give u a car. :P
    Pom: Haha, why do u think I want a car?
    Me: All guys want cars.
    Pom: Hehee... Or maybe a motorbike.
    Me: I have NO MONEY for that!
    Pom: Then PS3. ^_~
    Me: Too expensive!
    Pom: Ur heart~
    Me: I'm not giving that so easily. ^_~

    Why do I think that Pom's feelings for me are like mine for S?
    I feel like in the middle of a Korean drama, really. :P ._.

  • It was like 29C today!!!!!!!

  • I'd better go now & carefully prepare the cheatsheets (I know I'm an asshole) for MY LAST CHEMISTRY TEST of my whole life & also read those 3 Spanish articles and try to learn them. Oral thingee from them tmr. Mierda. -_~

  • I love Burberry. Please, if you love me (*hint hint*), buy me something from Burberry. Hihihihihi.

  • You know, I actually think it'd be better if we moved to somewhere far far away from S and all my nostalgic memories.... I'm getting crazy thinking of him & knowing that him ever returning my feelings is a nonsense.
    I'm starting to hope that we move away.....and I'll forget it all. *sighhhhhhhhh*
    Why, oh WHY did I have to meet you 6 years ago in that McDonald's? -_-

Listening to: "Careless Whisper" by George Michael
Yay!: That last Phy.... ^___^ Oh, and I bought a new black mascara. :D
Grrr: Not an easy day tmr. Sigh.

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Ilkka said...

CHEATSHEETS!?!?! I´ll call your prof about them!!! ;) Just give me her number pls...

Anyway.. First you send me a SMS, where you write that you are going to buy a shirt (or something) for me... And now I read from your blog: "Please, if you love me (*hint hint*), buy me something from Burberry"... Krhm...
But sorry, I live in such a small town that I won´t definately find anything from Burberry here. So sorry, no Burberry from me. XD
(P.S. You're so expensive to be loved XDD)