Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nice Day

Today was such a fine day. I even didn't write that Physics what's very beautiful cuz yesterday I was too tired to prepare the professional cheatsheets.

Talking about cheatsheets....

I know it's very bad of me to cheat like this (especially when I find Chemistry as really interesting) but...but....my cheatsheets are so GORGEOUS!! 8D
Ignore my Thai-Arabic writing, no one can read it but me. :P

Since today I have new titanium earrings in my ears. Hypoallergic they say - I hope it's true, for my ears get inflammated even when I wear silver or white gold (!!!) earrings and that's just outrageous. Sorry duckies, I was born to be pampered in luxury, I can wear just gold & platinum!!! XD (And hopefully also titanium & chirurgic steel.)

These earrings are just like a little grass green sparkling stone in a shape of circle. It's really pretty, it sparkles and glitters and ooooohhh la la la, it matches well to my swampy hazel-green eyes and also to my oddly-colored dark hair! ^___^
I'm lazy to take a pic of my ears but it looks like this:

(I'm sorry, I can't give credits cuz I don't remember the website anymore. :S)

Ohohoooo, I feel soooooo pretty now!!!! EARRINGS!!!! :D I'm lovin' it! ^___^

The let's-change-our-apartment thing is getting serious! :D

Prepare your maps now. :P

Yesterday we (me & madre) went to check out one apartment at Guothova street - just the exterior - and today madre went to check out the interior. The owner was madre's good friend's aunty so it was kinda fun...hehee...
Also yesterday we went to check out one another apartment at Cesta na Kamzík but it wasn't good.

We've booked one hella pretty apartment with 3 rooms, 92,31 square meters, one loggia & one balcony. ^^ It's at Koprivnická street which is quite near to a forest & it's also quite near to the downtown - 15~20mins by tram.

I wonder where will we move in the end.

Most probably it'll be away from Kramáre, the district we live in now, and that means that it'll be also away from S who lives at Koliba which is on the other side of the same hill.
Maybe I'll forget him then.
And maybe not.

I'm starting to look at all the places with a big sentiment and all. On my way home by trolleybus 203 (or 204, 209) I often catch myself thinking: "For how long will I keep commuting home this way?"
Not for too long for sure.
Goodbye S!

Oh, S - today I met his younger brother Peťo! ^^ He's also kinda hunky and I've never noticed how tall and toned he actually is, only now when I stood by him. :P

I'm a really terrible & ungrateful ex-gf.
Today I sold the bracelet he gave me, got 700Skk for it & I plan to spend it on a nice t-shirt for mai baibee.
I feel kinda awful now but WTB, what would I do with the bracelet otherways? I don't want to wear it & I never would - and should I like, throw it away or give it to a drug-addict to waste it on heroin? -_~
No matter what, don't want to spend even 1Skk on me. No - it must be spent on other people. Spending it on myself would be like...in a way...like turning back to the ownership of something from him. And that I don't want to happen. I want all to flow away like a river and then...then I'll be happy. :)

That reminds me of buying the "Goodbye, Tsugumi" book by Banana Yoshimoto.
The synopsis?

"Maria is the only daughter of an unmarried woman. She has grown up at the seaside alongside her cousin Tsugumi, a lifelong invalid, charismatic, spoiled and occasionally cruel. Now Maria's father is finally able to bring Maria and her mother to Tokyo, ushering Maria into a world of university, impending adulthood, and a 'normal' family. When Tsugumi invites Maria to spend a last summer by the sea, a restful idyll becomes a time of dramatic growth as Tsugumi finds love, and Maria learns the true meaning of home and family. She also has to confront both Tsugumi's inner strength and the real possibility of losing her."

(Credits to Amazon.co.uk)

I've heard that it's a beautiful book & I like Japanese literature so I don't think I'll regret buying it. :)

Oh anyways. I think I'll go relax, I need it....and then I'll prepare my LAST cheetsheats from Chem ever! 8D

Listening to: "Miracle" by M to M
Yay!: My earrings! ^^
Grrr: That mad Maths prof B**** wants to give us ONE MORE TEST. Aaaarrggghhhh, I don't give a fuck about Maths, I JUST WANT TO HAVE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


heather said...

oh you naughty girl.. wow you know how to write thai!?!

munie said...

all the best!! *HUGS*



Anneesa said...

*raise eyebrows* cheat sheets ducky??

tsk tsk tsk :P

nevertheless, good luck in not getting caught :P :P


Princess Mich said...

HEATHER: Hihi, sadly no - I can't write Thai, but my handwriting is as weird as it resembles Thai. :P Also it resembles those Arabian letters. :P All my profs are slapping their heads when they have to read my stuff cuz it's just difficult to read!

MUNIE: Awwwwww, thanks a lot! ^____^ *hugs back* I miss ya gurl, can't wait to talk to you!

DUCKY SIS: MUAHAHAHAHA cheatsheets, yes yes yes! I'm a very VERY bad duck!