Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dense And Tense

It's fullmoon what again means that I'll sleep 5mins from the whole night & that tmr I'll look like a stunningly real ZOMBIE. Can't wait for it. =_=


The whole weekend was very tense & dense (hoho, it rhymes). My father is a demanding possessive kind of person & he's da king at creating a stiff, dense atmosphere full of tension. Hey, in some ways it's a lil bit like my ex.
Madre is thinking of breaking up with him for good cuz she says that she just feels like being with him makes her feel like "there's no way out of stereotype" and that with him she somehow feels "caged" and "not free inside".



What is that???
Nothing eternal for sure.

But see what I created one fine day when I was playing with Photoshop; I think it's beautiful. ^___^

I love its atmosphere. ^^ Of course anyone could create that in AP, I know, but I still love it. ^__^

Oh well. MIDNIGHT liao. I must go take a shower and then go to bed, tmr I'm waking up at 6.25am & I have a long day, with art course and all...

Listening to: "2 Become 1" by Spice Girls
Yay!: I slept until 1pm. Me gusta mi vida muchos! ^^
Grrr: This. My. Father. Arrghh.


heather said...

wow that photoshop picture is beautiful.. i wish i know how to do it. hehe :)

Princess Mich said...


OMG!!!! You DO have a blog!!~!!! I thought you've disappeared from the blogosphere for good!!!!!! O_o
I'll add you to my links as soon as I prepare my cheatsheets. ^_~

Thanks for liking the Photoshop pic.... I like it too. ^_^ I'm VERY sucky at Photoshop but I daresay that *this* pic is nice :D

Anneesa said...

Hey Ducky, Im impressed with that photoshop pic!! I really like it! Quackelicious!

How are you ducky? We havent chattted in aaagggeesss!!

Take care now!