Monday, June 26, 2006

Briefly In The Night

  • I'm an ah lian. It's official. A while ago I sat COMPLETELY 100% NAKED in front of the computer unable to wear anything cuz I WAITED FOR THE NAIL POLISH ON MY FEET & HANDS TO GET DRY.
    Yeah. No lies la.

  • I still haven't replied to Cheesie's email. I'm sorrryyyyyy!!!! I'm so rude. O_O

  • Yeah, I have to wake up at 6.25am tmr but WTP, the night is young, I'll sleep during da holidays. Hihihihi!

  • PERV ASSHOLES LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bangs head*

    Perv asshole No. 1:

    A German girl, 17yrs, contacted me via God knows what. In my first chat with her she was sending me a pic of her in black bra, a pic of her in black lingerie and then she wanted to send me a pic of NAKED HERSELF WITH HER *lalalaaaa* COVERED JUST BY HER POODLE.
    I told her I'm not interested in photos of naked her & she stopped talking to me.

    Perv asshole No. 2:

    A Turkish girl named Esra, 17 years, contacted me via
    She said she has a boyfriend in the USA so I was like "oooh, great, finally some normal girl".
    Later she told me I'm a sexy girl, asked whether I'm a model (HAHA, SO FUNNY), told me that she's sitting in front of PC only in a sports bra & shorts, sent me three pics of herself in rather sexy poses and demanded pics of myself.
    She also asked me to show her my mini PJs shorts I was (and still am) wearing on the webcam. Oh, and I can't forget her asking about my BRA SIZE. WTP!

    Perv asshole No. 3:

    *Me sitting on a bench at Hviezdoslav's Square*
    An old man, maybe 70 yrs old on the bench by mine comes a bit closer & holding some papers in his left hands looks straight into my eyes & tells me:

    "Mmmm, you know, I could also read you something, while you're waiting here!"

    POOR. ME.

  • I can't believe that the last week of school year is starting tmr!!!!!
    I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! O_o ^_____________^

    The plan for my summer holidays:

    * Draw. Paint. Take photos.
    * Buy maturita prep books & look into them, especially to Literature.
    * Learn to play tennis. Go horseriding again.
    * Try out Mojito Virgin, go eat sushi, go eat salmon steak. (Stupid, I know hahha~)
    * Invite IR over expensive lunch/dinner.
    * Relax. Relax. Relax.
    * Read the books which I should read for maturita.

  • I think I will go to bed now, it's not gonna hurt me. -_~ Almost 2am, OMP, do I wanna DIE??!!! O_o Grrrr......

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Ai laav mai baibee. ^_^
Grrr: Itchy eyes.

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