Saturday, June 10, 2006

A 71 Years Old Lady Blogging

Inspired by the kool future stomatologist Jolene Lai whose blog I love to read AND who'll hopefully not kill me for being a copy-duck.


Such a busy day today!

I came back from Paris and now I finally have the time to call my daughter, cook lunch & cut the roses in my garden. They need some treatment, I hate seeing those old withered leaves on them.

Tommorrow my daughter, her husband (whom I'm still not really accepting) & their 3 kids will come to my villa & really, I don't know whether I'm awaiting them happily or angrily.
Me & Yasmine REALLY need to talk.
That her husband isn't treating her well, she's closing eyes before the reality & that's plain stupid. If she had my experiences....but aah, that careless naive youth...!!!!!!!!!

Would you believe that my 1st grandson Jano has successfully gotten accepted into the London College Of Communication?
I'm really proud of him!
Finally a person in my family who's not disappointing me.
He's well-mannered, intelligent, handsome and talented. He'll follow my designing path as he has gotten accepted into the Interior Design undergraduate course.

Sweetheart Janko, why are your siblings and parents unlike you?
YOU are the only one whom I can take to my get-togethers with friends without fearing that you'll emmbarras me & yourself.
Next year I'll take him to that annual street art exhibition in Belgium, Monsieur Sacré has already sent me the invitations.

However, his brother & sister.... I really don't understand why Yasmine lets them wear those awful clothes, lets them speak like the worst worker & most of all - lets Peter play football.


I highly doubt it. As if he couldn't play squash instead, or tennis, or golf or well, maybe even the basketball...
No. Football. Good heavens, men are really weird and their mothers as well.
Ellen is a very sweet, good girl, only she should forget that her boy. First love never lasts. Of course she wouldn't believe me if I told her that - her world is now all pink & beautiful!

I'm glad all this is over me already.

It's been a year since my beloved husband has left me. I'm still wearing black and white (white is the color of sadness in Asia) and I still keep his emails to me which he had sent me from Iceland. I've never believed that I would marry anyone but then when I met him... Ah, it's been over 50 years and I still remember every single second of it..

Somehow the Alzheimer isn't affecting these kind of memories.

Is it well or bad?
Sometimes I think that a little amnesia wouldn't be bad.
I'm old, I deserve to live my last years of life in happiness, harmony and peace, not in pain, tension & stress.

Spare the old lady!

Oh, Janko is online, I think I'd better go talk to him. He has his first serious girlfriend and I must educate him on how to treat women. He might be the last gentleman alive, for all I know... I have noticed that "gentleman" is a very rare thing to see nowadays.

Good old times, where are you?


I LOVE writing fictional entries! Haha!!! ^^
Hm, by the way.... What if the "new phase" in my life has something to do with my psychotests' results? O_o *shivers from fear* Like I get to know that my IQ is 60 and I have no hope for entering and graduating from any university????!!!????
If that's the thing, I'll die. Why have I even taken those tests!!??!!! *bangs head*

I'm sure I'm an imbecile. =_=

Listening to: "Hero" by Mariah Carey
Yay!: A nice soothing warm herbal bath & wonderful sweet pancakes. ^^
Grrr: Really...those psychotests.... *drops dead*

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