Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ode On Summer Holidays

Dry fields, golden glitter
Blue water, playful waves
Green leaves, peaceful wood
Pears' scent in the air

Three triangles on our bodies
Long hair flying in the summer breeze
Flip-flops with fake flowers covered in sand
Kofola and beer drunk by the lakes

Hot streets in the downtown
Loud music from the bars
Couples kissing unseen in the parks
Scents of food and fun in the sky

The beautiful summer holidays
Careless, yet serious
The first for some
The last for another

The beautiful summer holidays
Time for relax
Time for fun
Time for ourselves

The beautiful summer holidays
With love in the air
Hot kisses shared and hot tears shed
The crude reality in the end

The beautiful summer holidays
I wish you'd be the key
To the peace in our hearts
I wish you'd be endless

I wish you'd be all year round

(Copyright to Mich I.)

A sudden urge to be all poetical had taken over me. I'm at home with itchy eyes, unability to breathe, sore throat & the emmbarrasment of getting 58% from the recent English test from Reported Speech. :P -_-

All windows in our apartment are opened & I'm looking at the SUMMER outside. In the end of the school year I always feel this amazing melancholy of something ending....and beginning in September for the last time.
Last time! O_O
I can't believe that in one year, the high school will end.

The door of my laziness & people taking me as a young girlie attending high school will end.
And then, the bigger door to the university times will open.

I'll no longer be a little girl, I'll be a young woman and that's very scary. O_o

So, did you like my Ode On Summer Holidays? ^^ Mind the English mistakes, I just got 58% from the test so it's a natural thing to be all crappy. Hehe.

Listening to: "Fast Love" by George Michael
Yay!: I'm downloading Gorrilaz & their "Demon Days"! If it proves to be good, I'll go and buy it as well.
Grrr: I'm confused. More of it later!


Ilkka said...

EXACTLY! I have the same feeling about summer holiday and school... It will be my last school year as well starting next autumn. Scary... o_O

heather said...

lol, maybe they made a mistake for your english mistakes. haha

Princess Mich said...

HEATHER: Well, I wouldn't be so sure! :P

ILKKA: Very scary phase of our lifes will end & then.... who knows what's gonna happen??? O_o