Sunday, June 25, 2006


I have to apologize to mai baibee, Nisah & Seb for the ignorance. I HAD TO play "Pool" at ICQ - I'm seriously getting addicted to it. Ugh, someone please cure me. @_@

I managed to win for few times, mmmmm...... ^^;;;

Now....lemme quack randomly.

I'm listening to the Winter Sonata OST (YEAH, AGAIN) cuz it reminds me of S. O_O Waaahhh......................S..........................listening to this makes me feel so nostalgic~~

All of the memories.....S here, S there, S doing this, S doing that....

Ehm, this is very amazing, but a part of people is telling me that winning his heart is a NONSENSE and the other part is telling me to get the courage & talk to him and etc., they're telling me that FOR SURE I could date him sooner or later & that he'd love me.

How now brown cow? O_o

I don't think either of you guys is right.

He wouldn't love me. And I wouldn't win his heart, not sooner nor later.

I'm gonna agonize over him for the next several years until I find someone similar to him (how silly, right? But I like S-resembling guys, kill me..), then I'll kick him (S) to the smallest corner of my mind and try to live happily ever after.

I don't like McD, it totally turned my life upside down! Why I had to meet him there?! *bangs head* -_- Life would be so much easier without S. *sigh*

The results of the psychotests are here. I met up with the psychologist yesterday.
Well, I got to know only what I knew.

I'm good in languages.
I suck duck in Maths.
I suck at 3D imagination (although getting this result is weird, I've always been good at it).

I'm a friendly, opened person with a relatively good self-confidence.
I like changes, I'm quite calm & stable and I don't like boredom.
I'm absolutely not for technical jobs, so please, no architecture, no product design, I wouldn't survive it.
Jobs as marketing communication, a teacher (HELL NO!!!), a linguist and all jobs related to languages, creativity and helping people would suit me.

My IQ probably is nothing fascinating, I weren't asking for the exact number cuz I didn't wanna die on the spot. But probably it's something ard 110~120? Dunno la. Really dunno.
Eh, whatever, I don't care, Boobney Spears is rich and admired like hell and her IQ may be -45 so WTP! I can be good at whatever anyways. :P

Madre told me that I'm "looking more & more like some Tahitian."
AHEM?! O_o Hahaha!!! Me & looking like a Tahitian??? Interesting la..... I'd better start wearing a palm tree skirt & swing my hips sexily. XD

(Credits to

Mmmm, so pretty, where are my flowers and my Noni juice?! :P

Oohh, I had a Malaysian papaya juice yesterday!!!! YUMMYLICIOUS!!! ^__^, thank you for being known also in Slovakia. :P

I DO miss Malaysia & Singapore. *sniff*
I wish I could go back there one day & see it all over again.... Eat all those meals, drink all those drinks, SHOP, watch sappy Chinese dramas with Chinese and Malay subtitles (I understood nothing), buy that kool Asian cosmetics which I totally loved, stare at Asian guys, smell the tropical flowers....
Waaah~~~ *sigh*

When will I come back?
WHO KNOWS! u_u O_o

OMP, I haven't noticed, it's 2.29am now - I'd better go to bed!!!

Listening to: "Forever Love" by Wang Lee Hom
Yay!: 10 of us lepak-ed yesterday and we had niiiice cocktails & ice-creams! ^__^
Grrr: I'm tired laaaaa............and I'm addicted to ICQ pool. @_# :P

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