Saturday, June 03, 2006

Black hair? PHEW!!!

See this:

(Credits to & Ahnyeonghaseyo)

This is a pic from Cha Tae Hyun's wedding (CONGRATZ!).
See the guests???
of them has the natural black hair. :P
Apparently various tones of brown & red are favored (like Se7en, highest row, 2nd from the right). No black, Black is a nono!

Isn't it funny?
I dyed my hair black to look more Korean & in the summer I've used to fry myself under the sun in order to get tanned - without a sunscreen (or with a very mild one), mind you. Oh yes, and I also don't like various weird waves at my hair. I like it straight, curls & waves look good only at S.

A typical Korean would dye his black hair to whatever non-black color in order to look more angmoh & often he/she would curl it as well. He/she would also use whitening cosmetics and never step to the sun without a brutal sunscreen.

Those people in the photo are as white in face as I'm completely losing my complex of looking like a ghost...haha....just look at Se7en, he's HORRIBLE!!!!!!! O_#
I mean yes, he's handsome, but he'd be much hotter if he weren't that deadly white. *sigh*

Korean guys would love me. I'm also deadly white. XD

Hey, Yong Joon oppa, whaddya waitin for???!!!! ^_~

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Nice day today. Nice dinner. ^^
Grrr: I have SO FUCKING MANY TASKS to do to school & I SO FUCKING AM LAZY to do them. =_=


Life would be beautiful if S were my boyfriend & wore this:

I love perfectly clothed men. *___* ^___^

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