Friday, June 09, 2006

A Very Long Pointless Quack About Everythong ^^

I think my IQ is like 40. Those IQ tests I had today will prove it, you bet! *sniffffffffff* Oh anyways, let's not poop down to my personal misery. Bleh.

Since nowadays me & madre are all crazy into ESTATES & we're reading estate mags like everyday & picking up possible apartments, I've decided actually to show you what, how, where & blahblah.
*Click* on the pic for a larger image.

See? Our current apartment at Na Revine street is the only one dark violet dot on the left. It has 49 square meters, 3 rooms, a loggia and...errr...that's it. Thanks to the locality this average, older, boring apartment costs around 2,1 million Skk (Euro 55 456) - anybody wanna buy? ^^

Kika, my cuzin lives 4 mins by feet from us.

Gulko, my friend lives very nearby, 10 mins by feet from us.

S, the poodle of my 6-yrs-old daydreams (I've realized that his hair is like poodle's, so there! XD) lives 15 mins by feet away from me. Not that it helps by making him feel that I'm the meaning of his life. Hahahah.

Just like S. XD Credits for his cute uncombed grim portrait to TerrageThen! XD

Uh! I digressed!

The violet dot at Cesta na Kamzik is one nicely looking apartment option. We're going to check it out on next Monday or Tuesday! ^__^

The other one at Sliacska is very VERY TERRIBLY WONDERFULLY fascinating but I'll have to give up my nostalgic 203 trolleybus rides home รก la Winter Sonata.

No more wishing gazes at Jeseniova street for S's silver Fiat as 203 is passing by.
No more getting off there 'just because' & going up Jeseniova feeling all sentimental.
No more standing at Karpatska trolleybus stop & remembering how S stood there wearing this & that and my heart was pounding like crazy.

But know what?
Actually I think it's GOOD.

I like (love?) him a lot, very steadily (6 yrs) and I got so much used to talking about him, thinking about him, mentioning him here & there as it's already tiring me. I'm a pathetic fool. Pche!
If we're meant to be together, (what I highly doubt but I'd appreciate it) then we WILL meet, probably not now, but maybe after 25 yrs when we'll be both tired of life, relationships, work & everything.

OHOHOOO!!! Wrinkly S with greyish dark brown curls!!!!!! *dies laughing* I loooove that image!!! XD
WAHAHAA!!! Wrinkly me with greyish dark brown hair!!!!! You bet I'm gonna have saggy nanoboobs, big cellulitic butt & single eyelids.
Also I think ( hope) I'll be a well-off, elder snobbish ex-designer and I'll be wearing only black, fuchsia & grass green. In my fantasy I see myself in XXL black jumpers & blue jeans...wearing some ungodly expensive heels which are gonna damage my granny's feet with fuchsia nail polish.... HAHAHA!
You bet I'm gonna wear a matte (fuchsia) lipstick too. And crazy artsy expensive hair accessories in my greyish hairs. XD And real pearls. Aaahhh!!!
(Click for a bigger pic.)

MmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmm, I can't wait for that! :D
Looking all scary like that is just so.....SOOTHING. ^___^

And S.... I bet S will have greyish curly hair, wrinkles around eyes, he'll wear the posh Swarovski glasses with a silver frame and lenses from the crystal, drive a shiny boring Volvo and he'll have reuma (btw, I'm gonna have Alzheimer's for sure).
HAHAHA!!! LOVELY!!! :D Maybe he's gonna have a belly and he'll try to cover it up a bit with Lacoste shirts & polo t-shirts. MUAHAAA!!!! I'M LOVING IT!!! XDD

Btw, in case you're wondering why I started to mention S so much since I broke up with R - here's the simple reason: R would be angry & jealous of me talking about my poodlecrush. So there. Now I'm single, free & able to quack out it AAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!

*dies laughing*



It's very funny but from the strict Asian guys lover I've developed to something even more amazing - I like just a certain, very weird type of guys who MUST have:

1. *THAT* shape of lips, like both BYJ, S & William have - I really don't know how to describe it but it's just....hmmm.....lovely! ^^ I wouldn't wanna kiss William though....ahahahhah... I'd die of laughter before it! XD

2. CHEEKS. I'm a sucker for cheeks. Please, someone prescribe me a medicine.

3. NEAT, CLASSY CLOTHES. Wear polo t-shirts, jumpers, pullovers with polo t-shirts, classy pants - anyways, look like you're just going to play golf - and I'll for 100% look at you and all. Yes, I'm that vain.

4. GLASSES. I loooooove guys with glasses!!!! They're cute! And they look intelligent! :D

Today in the trolleybus I saw a guy looking SO SUITABLE to me & my vain standards.
He had it all - glasses, cheeks, *that* shape of lips, relatively neat clothes. He ALSO had CURLY HAIR & LONG EYELASHES!!!!!!!
Why didn't I at least smile at him???? He was looking at me anyways, it wouldn't kill me to smile at him. =_=

Who knows, maybe he'd have been a great boyfriend. With fascinating eyelashes as well. Hihihi. Too late though, I can't do it anymore. Next time, perhaps? ^_~

OMB, I think I really should stop blabbing. I've borrowed two Agatha Christie detective stories from our school library so I think I'll just go & read it. ^^

Listening to: "Don't Forget Me" by Ryu
Yay!: That guy. Wah. Those estates. WAH!!
Grrr: I'm SERIOUSLY scared of my IQ test results. :S

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Ilkka said...

Now I could say that I´m actually giggling here by my computer... First of all that pic of old you is very sexai.. I would like to hear what you think of me, when I´ll be old XDDD
And today I was shopping and looking at the nice polo shirts, but didn´t buy anything yet :P :D
Maybe I should´ve bought one with different kind of pink colours + black + grey... XDDDD