Sunday, June 04, 2006


He still hasn't authorized me.


And I had a dream that R wanted to add me to his ICQ (which he doesn't have)!!!! OMP!!! Weird, isn't it... Well, it went like I turned on on the PC, logged into ICQ & then a big vanilla yellow authorization thingee with R's pic & a rather angry & sad heartbreaking K-dramaish message from him popped up on my screen.

YEAH, I know that ICQ doesn't have such a thingee but hey, this was in a dream!

I was looking at it, not knowing whether I should or should not authorize it. I felt like I wanna talk to him but then I imagined that it'd be rather bitter & for 100% I'd have to hear some nasty twits on my nasty behaviour to him. On that idea I shivered & stared at the photo for a while and then closed the pop up.

Too much computers, they're in my dreams already. =_~

And too much contemplating over R, I must stop it for good finally. No use of it.

AS WELL too much thinking & dreaming of S. Damn, he has no interest in me & wtf, I'm one pathetic fool here hoping for something. Yeah, a nice Korean drama. -_~ If S will ever like me, I'll seriously start to believe in fairies & Santa Claus.

Isn't it ironic?

I somehow had gotten an (ex)bf from the far far far faaaaaar away Malaysia (12~17hrs by plane from SVK) & it didn't even take a lot of time. Few months I'd say. Same with Pom.

However, during the long, freakishly long 6 years I didn't manage to get S even though he lives 15mins by feet from me.

HAHA! Yes! 15 mins by feet!
(And in case we move to Vily Koliba, he'll be like 3mins from me.)

Oh well.
Fuck you, destiny.

Hihi. *sad smile*

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: It's still SUNDAAAAY!
Grrr: I've got 3 tests tmr! KILL ME!!!!!!!

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Anneesa said...

Forget R, concentrate on S ;)