Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kill Me #_@

See the new blogskin??? ^_^
I think it's really cantik, it's so fresh & neat! ^_^
I felt like this blog needed a change. The previous blogskin was nice but it was way too sweet and pink and all those flowers and colors everywhere were distracting me from a proper blabbing.


I'm REALLY happy that mai deer daarlynk likes the t-shirt I bought him. ^^ Go see a pic of him in the blue t-shirt here. Man, he looks SO HANDSOME! ^___^ The t-shirt's color totally matches his eyes and it's like waaaaaahhhh!!!! ^__^


I bought a very beautiful ethno-looking notebook recently & I'm using it as a diary for short, spontaneous, important things. It feels so good to write; instead of typing! :D


I went to the bus stop and then I saw him. The trolleybus guy with S-ish features!!! *_* Let's call him T (as Tomas) cuz I think that the name Tomas would suit him well. Haha. :P
We stepped into the trolleybus and I sat on a very good place - he stood in front of me, facing me.

WAH!!! *_*
I think I like him. *everyone reading this blog slaps head*

This is very bad you know, I DON'T want to like yet another dude! T_T @_# And he looks like S summore!!!!
Don't I wanna forget S?! Don't I wanna?!?! *bangs head*
Yes, I do wanna.....

I've realized that I can never have him.

It took me 6 years but I did realize it. *bitter smile*

Erm so....what's the point of forgetting S and trying to move on....when I'm starting to like another guy looking very similarly to him?!? O_o

Today this T looked totally adorable. *_* I couldn't help it and I was looking at him in a rather flirtatious manner - and yeah, at 7.35am!!!!!!

Man, I love his eyelashes behind those glasses. *Yeah, I'm retarded* They're so long and nice....and those hazel eyes, OMD! O_O


Imagine I'd hypothetically date him - how would it be? O_o And when looking at him....wouldn't I think of S? Could I love him the real, right way? Wouldn't I love him...because he'd remind me of S?

Very Winter Sonata-ish.
Lee Min Hyung looks like Kang Joon Sang.
T looks like S.

I dunno, I dunno, I dunno.
He'd be quite easy to get, he uses to look at me and it seems like he finds me quite nice, but I dunno.

On the other hand, if I didn't hypothetically date him, I'd wonder "how would it be?" and that's maybe even worse than dating him and maybe not loving him sincerely.

I'd better shut up.

Listening to: Some song by J. Lo
Yay!: No school tmr ^^
Grrr: T!

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