Sunday, June 25, 2006

*faints into coma & never wakes up ever again*

My friend, let's call him IR, visited S's family on Friday (he's quite a good friend with S's bro Peter).

Remember the stupid bet/promise?

"If you get a photo of S, we (me & Kuci) are gonna invite you for a huge, expensive, yummylicious dinner to wherever you want."

And OH.
I can't believe it.
I'm going to die!!!!!

(I hope you can read it there~)

IR HAS A PHOTO OF S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With his aaaaarrgghhh grrrrr cheebye asshole bitch aaarrghhhh uuuughhhhh *kill kill strangle strangle chop chop* girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they are STILL together. *depoopression* TT________TT

Why can't they break up?
Hey, it's not so difficult!!!! *evil laughter*

I mean, OH ALRIGHT, I'm glad that S is happy with someone.
But WHY can't that "someone" be me, right??!!?? ^_~ TT___TT

Man, seriously, I want you for 6 years already so leave that cheebye & come to me, I'm da best anyways, wuahhahahaah!!!


Hopefully I won't die seeing him on a pic.
And other people in the class can't see IR giving me the pic cuz they'd think I'm completely retarded (true!).


Nisah, baibee, Seb & all you duckies who wanted his pic, I'm gonna send you then & you'll think that I'm completely gila liking him for 6 yrs liao cuz normal ducks don't find him handsome, except of me, his cheebye gf (you see, I'm very jealous & envious) and his mother.


I'm a happy, HAPPY & UNHAPPY DUCK!!!!! ^_____^ TT____TT

Listening to: "O Green World" by Gorrillaz
Yay!: That. Pic.
Grrr: That. Cheebye.

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