Friday, June 02, 2006


How awesome.
It's Friday! ^____^
We didn't write the test frpm Physics cuz it's been rescheduled to Monday (when I also have a test from Maths & Chemistry - seriously a HEAVENLY COMBINATION!).

Beautiful Monday, I'm dying of happiness. =_=

Yesterday me, grandma & madre visited my art teacher Mrs. Herenyiova-Belanova's atelier. Madre & grandma wanted to see that our exhibition & well, they've seen Mrs. SHB's artworks too for what I'm glad cuz that is the art.

See??? *impressed sigh*
I admire her talent, her artworks, her ideas, her technique, I admire her for who she is. ^_^ Other people apparently admire her too & some admire her as much as they pay her for some painting of something - anything - they want. But then cheapo stuffs are made, cuz some of those ppl are brainless & don't understand what's art & what's not.

Yeah!!!! That's actually painted by the same person, Mrs. SHB! That horse & this...oh eh urm man.... *diplomatic silence*
(Btw, I'd better shut up cuz my stuff is not art at all.)

In the atelier I've realized that I'm rather contradictory. :P

By the clothing (or for example by the flowers or make-up as well) I love little patterns, soft colors, stylish details, originality, amazing cuts & a quality. I would never wear clothes with big patterns (like for example a dress with huge dots or wtf) or too brutal color combinations (I'm for a stylish elegance, not for a brutal roaring fauvism). I also can't imagine myself with those huge beads which are so in now - I'd feel silly wearing it. :P

But when I'm painting/drawing (I prefer painting) I love to take a big wide brush, use bright colors, happily make a line here and there, forget all the tiny details, careful shadowing & etc.
I like abstract paintings more cuz they're just so.... FREE. No conventions, no rules, nothing. ^^

You're painting away your emotions. Ideal relaxation for me. ^^

Ohooohooo, I LOVE big brushes, you make a stroke *here*, fill out *that* corner, wash the brush, mix another color & paint a curly line *down there* and....voila! It's done! :D

You know, I'm a very impatient, lazy person & I have no darn patience for drawing still lifes with pencil & etc. Bleaaauurgghh. Ugh!!!! VERY annoying this it is indeed. *trembles*

Big brushes rule. Few strokes & the painting is done even before it really started. :P Reminds me of haiku! :D

Am I blabbing here too much? :S
Sorry ya.

Btw, IN CASE (oh dear Almighty Duck, let it happen!) we move to Mestske Vily Koliba, I won't go to Paris/KL/London/whatever city to study uni at first - I'll transfer there only for the last 1 or 2 yrs.
Living nearby S is wonderful. ^^

Everyone, PRAY that we're gonna move there!!!!!


It has never happened to me that I'd have to wear a JACKET/FLEECE VEST/HOODY in June. Shit. >_< It's so damn cold, I HATE IT!!!!!

Ok. Ok. End of blab!

Listening to: "태양을 피하는 방법" or "Running Away From The Sun" by Bi. I loooove that song. ^____^ Anyone's got the mp3? *_* ^^;;;;
Yay!: Friday....mmmm....
Grrr: Next week is gonna be LETHAL. If I don't forget, I'll post here my schedule, you'll all die just seeing it. =_=

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