Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Funny shopping

I should be sleeping already! WAH! =_= And irrelevantly...Ray read all he could in this blog so I MUST move to Yakutsk now & change my identity. Cialat. *sniff*
Gib emailed me today! ^^ Me is happy for her she got her Bc. degree! ^__^

Ah, anyways. Very briefly...

* my oil on canvas is DONE!!!! :D I even painted two little rabbits there. Mwahahahaaaaaaaa, it rocks. XD
* me & Kuci went shopping to obscure shops after the art course & I got gila and bought:

- A BRA (turquoise-white)
- A THONG (apple green!!!!!)
- BATH SPONGES (dark grey & magenta. Uhhh.~)
- CRAPPY HAIRCLIP (Made In China, very sexy, mmmm, 40Skk)
- LIL NOTEBOOK with something THAI written in front & a KAWAII MANGA ANIMAL (not Pom2005!) ~ I bought it only cuz of that Thai stuff written on it!!!!! XD I'm pathetic, hahhah. See see:

Now you know what?

I wonder WTP is written there. I know like 5 Thais (+ Ray's mom & aunt and cuzin and..) BUT I don't want to ask them about that cuz what would they think?! *slaps head*

Hihihihi. Kawaii ne?! XD

Listening to: "Pride" by Se7en feat. Masta Wu. My fav song...tho...I WANT THE 3RD ALBUMMMM!!!!!!!! *cries heavily* Se7en is so damn sexy.... I'm losing my virginity just by looking at him!! *giggles* OH, MY MIND IS FULL OF PAKINESS NOW. *licks lips sexily & drags Se7en to a quiet place* XD
Yay!:I still can't believe I got 87% from a Chem test. OK, I was cheating but less than usually + whole the class cheats. I don't feel good cheating but sometimes it's just...inevitable. *angelic smile*
Grrrr: It seems like I'm UNABLE to go sleep in normal times. =_= 12.28am now!!!!!! AARRGGH!
DON'T FORGET: Send out that letter to Jong Moon!!!! Pick up that tea!!! Meet up with Li Hong!!!!

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