Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Short Vain Quack No. 2

Soon I'm off to bed, it's already 11.31pm & tmr I really wanna look better than today.
Today was a critical day. #_@
Horrible clothes, awful skin, oily hair...OH NO!!!!! #_# Die die. AWFUL. I'm surprised that no one ran away when looking at me.

Today I was working on the looks... I bathed in my little sea (water + sea salt, aaahhh nice~), put a dead sea mask on my face (sexy!) & washed hair with Kerastase shampoo. Yes, and shaved legs & armpits and applied Vichy emulsion on the skin...mmmmm...

Now, just come someone with a bouquet of English tea roses & hand me a smoked salmon. Hahaha. :P

Aiyaaaah, I'm so TIRED. =_=
Must go brush teeth & then sleep, I can't see any other way out... *yawns*

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: I bought a new hairpin with 2 lil' sea blue "gems" as the centre of flowers & it looks way cool on my poopy brown hair. Yay also to myself looking BETTER. Should I wear the pink thong tmr? *bats eyelashes* :P
Grrr: Bleh, got Eng shit tmr. x_X This fucked up PC's discs are ALWAYS FUCKING FULL!!!!!!!!!! I dunno what to do with it anymore, it's so damn annoying, aaarrrggghhhhhh, I hate computers!!!!! >_< *curses*

  • Send out the thongs to hubooby (I forgot to do that today..maaf la..)
  • Study Eng for the wannabe maturita shit
  • Go buy eyeliner & that massage stuff to DM after out with Haku
  • Take that lil' pic of Glenn to father & put it on his desk
  • Don't die in the school
  • Return home soon enuff to catch Pom online (that man is off to Koh Samet on May 13th! THIS IS AN UNFAIR LIFE. Why can't I go too?????? *sobs*)

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