Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Short pointless blab No. 798989765432,0000458 which I advise you just to skip!

Pardon me for being damn materialistic & blabbing NONSENSE but today I've decided that I really wanna have a bungalow on a Thai seashore. XD

Alright, alright, I know that it's not modest at all + poor people all over the world die of various reasons.. Kill me, I know I deserve it. x_x

But aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my bungalow.... *dreamy sigh*
Orchids in the kitchen.....cherry flowers in front of the house...palm trees....sandy beach with shells...crispy green grass...morning tea at the patio breathing the air full of sea scent...seafood anytime...honey lemongrass drink anytime...mmmm...~~~ ^____^

I won't annoy you with all the details but come visit me then, okie? ^_~
Wahahaha. I'll make sure my handsome gay Korean cook will prepare YUMMY food to you all, my dear guests. XD

**************************************** ****************** ******* ***** **** *** ** *

It's impressively ANNOYING how much can I go blab & blab forever about totally irrelevant & at-least-for-now impossible things, ain't it? I know it is, stop pretending to be polite. >_>
A BUNGALOW ON A THAI SEASHORE?! WTF. >_> It's as possible for me to have it as for Ilkka buying a feathery pink lacey thong with glittery ribbons. Although - what do we know??! XDDDDD *imagines Ilkka wearing that & dies laughing*

Waaah! I can't find Jong Moon's home address!!!! F*^&!! How can I send him the bday card then?? I remember only that he lives in Seoul... >_>

I've downloaded various Destiny's Child's songs today...mmm...nice nice. ^^
This song is 5689753yrs old but I think it's wonderful & has beautiful, although way sad lyrics...me loves it a lot...download it too, if you wanna.
Oh & I'm also uploading the sexy Amerie's "Touch". Me got very R&B/hip hop mood these days, that's why. :P

* Destiny's Child - Emotion
* Amerie - Touch

It's late now. =_= I dunno what's written in the time column by this blog entry but I see that it's 1.29am now & tmr I'm meeting up with Kuci at 8.50am in front of the Slovak National Theatre cuz we're supposed to go watch a movie (whole the class) at the nearby cinema.

Listening to: "Beautiful Life" by TVXQ. Thanks a, Justine! ^_^ K-POP RULEZZZ. Mwaha. ^_^v A nice song this one, so...laid-back. :P Who would thought that boybands can sound so un-boyband-ish?! :P (The TYPICAL boyband-ish song - "They Way You Are" by TVXQ!)
Yay!: You know what a sexy beautiful scent will I have, after I shower with the wild roses shower gel? Hahaha, so vain, I know. :P
Grrr: I really must start the Physics assigment. It was supposed to be handed to the prof on Friday. So grrr to me for being irresponsible. >_<
DON'T FORGET TO: Buy food & stuff for chinchilla. Remind Pom for the 5776589th time of buying me Armchair's CD. I've reminded him today in email so hopefully he won't forget until tmr. Heh. If yes, I'll send him a pink thong with violet glitters. >_<

It's 1:38am now, you assholes. >_>


Ilkka said...

XDDDDDD Baibee is thinking quite interesting things! ^^ XD

Anonymous said...

Glad you like "Beautiful Life". ^0^ Haha... As boyband-ish as "The Way You Are" sounds, it's one of my favorite TVXQ songs. Mostly because of the dance choreography when they perform it, though. Plus the sexy outfits. *0*

I downloaded the "Touch" mp3... It sounds familiar. But I'm so out of touch with Western music lately. -_-;;

I think it's the weird time zones. Plus Daylight Savings Time. We don't even have that over here. T_T But I had to change my blog's time settings to GMT+7 just so it'd display the right time, even though I live in a GMT+8 time zone. -_-;;

- Justine ^^

Princess Mich said...

ILKKA: Mwaahahhahahha baibee, wouldn't you love SUCH a thongieee??? XD

JUSTINE: Amerie is a half Korean btw! :D TVXQ are kool....although I really like those un-boyband-ish songs more. ^^ And I must check the time settings too...this sucks!