Friday, April 14, 2006

Our K-Drama

Because typical Korean dramas are supposed to end up happily, me & Ray decided on not considering this as a definite break up, only as a time off. In one month, exactly at Sunday May 14th we'll meet at MSN and talk again.
We've been SMSing each other and it seems like we don't lack care or love - we're just really tired of each other for now, or better, we're tired of having a more or less MSN-relationship.

No wonder. Imagine yourself being in an 11 months relationship. Sounds beautiful, right? ^^
But now imagine that from those 11 months you spend only THREE (3) MONTHS together!!!!! Isn't that like 27%? Aaarrgghhhh!!!! 3/11! *fumes*

Oh my, 27%. =_= Like my usual grade from Physics. Hmpf. Bwahaha.

I was crying all night long, I had red eyes like albino bunny, headache, even fever (!), I felt cold & hot and cuz I drank the delicious jasmine tea before, I went to pee every 2 seconds.
OMG, if you saw me, you'd run away as soon as possible. @_@ :P

Now I feel way better. ^^
I can't imagine running to R's skinny arms in this second but I can imagine it later. I know, "move on" you say, but what can I do when he means a lot to me? Hm? O.o
His art of pissing me off is really impressive, I must admit, but at least I can practice patience. *evil laughter*

One month.
Seems so far away! O_O +_+
Far away or no, we need it to sort out thoughts. Ray says he just want us to tolerate each other like before. Eh man, I know we lack it. x_x I'm too demanding to other people and not to myself & he's taking things too personally and we both are too immature. Sounds dangerous but it can be handled.

Thank you million bulus hubooby, ducky sis, Ilkka, Pom, Pui, cuzin & K for making me feel better. ^^
Without you I'd still look like an albino bunny & feel like dying.
Especially hubooby & ducky sis Nisah deserve my deepest berbulu glittery ducky cocobra-ish thanks - TERIMA POOPSIH MY DEAR SAYANGS FOR ALL THE LISTENING & FOR ALL THE HELP!!!!! ^____^ Without you I'd be a LOST GILA DUCK.

Let's see how will our K-drama continue.
I hope it ends like it ended in Mulan II - that was so lovely! :D The problem was that Li Shang & Mulan were completely different - just like yin yang. They had a huge conflict & almost broke up there but it all ended happily anyways.
Oh man, those are fairy tales but I'm a Korean drama heroine so I deserve a happyend. Mwahah. ^.~

Listening to: "Aku Cinta Padamu" by Siti Nurhaliza
Yay!: I'm VERY happy that me & Ray are talking. I was really so much afraid that he'd erase me from his memory & disappear from my life. Even typing it here makes me feel like having something heavy on my heart (like a huge Hell-No Kitty ribbon from Fe!). If it happened, I'd probably turned gila! @_# Ray, Ray, let's just slap each other & we'll be okay.
Grrr: Hm, nothing is too grrr....well, this time off is of course...but in the same time it's good. Today I heard the dudes who take care of dustbins taking away what was in the dustbin... That means all what I threw there yesterday. All letters, packages, photos. Man, so sad. But we can start anew!
BY THE WAY: I'm off to Piestany until Monday with K & UE. I won't be online nor blabbing here but you can always reach me by SMS. ^^ Take care my duckies, I must go pack now.


Anneesa said...

Good luck ducky!

Having time off can sometimes be good and bad but that all depends on how both want to perceive it.

I wish for the best for you both. Time will set everything into motion. =)

Im here whenever you need to fluff your feathers okay ;)


Princess Mich said...

Waahh ducky, thanks. ^^
*huuuugggeee berbulu hugs*