Monday, April 10, 2006

Random Quack No. 78455

A horribly boring entry!!!! Actually instead of PROCRASTINATING like this I should've been STUDYING Physics & English but I can't seem to drag my fat ass to do that. Kill me.

It's over 11pm.
*ahem* I still haven't studied that Phy nor checked out that maturita Eng. =_= Mark my words, I'll end up HORRIBLY tmr.

I'd better run away to Laos now, while I can. There I'll marry a poor handsome loving Laotian fisherman & we'll live happily ever after in a little house in Muang Vangviang with one shaggy dog and 4 children and we'll eat DELICIOUS FRESH FISH my hubby will get us everyday. Yum yum! Hahah!

Wah, I'm so lame & idiotic. *rolls eyes*

Sorry my future 5 husbands (sayang Ray, personal cook Pom, Bae Yong Joon, Choi Dong Wook & eternal muse Sachi) for making you jealous & heartbroken. I love you all eternally, I really do. XD

My mother told me today that I look like from a Korean drama. Hahaha!!! Amazing. ^^ Imagine tight blue boot cut jeans (they weren't tight when I was buying em! *grrr*), white moccasins with those sparkling faux 'brilliants', grass green tank top, purple cardigan, green headband (29Skk, Made In China!!! Haha~) and a high ponytail. Oh and I had a really fine dark green link on my upper eyelid + the obligatory mascara.
K-drama? Can be...but where's my Kang Joon Sang??? *sniff*

Far away in Malaysia he is. Grrrrrrrr.

11.18pm. MÉRDE!!!! O_O
HOW, I repeat, HOW can I learn that Physics & English?! HOW?!? *dies* No way for me to do it. I'm one irresponsible asshole who deserves to die. Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. Grrrrrrr!!!

Better go & pretend some studying and not blab crap here. No one reads it anyways! Hah!

Listening to: "วันที่ฉันป่วย" by Armchair. Since I've decided on my ultimate materialistic goal - that is, having a bungalow on a Thai seashore - I'm often listening to Thai music. It makes me feel like I'm already at my bungalow's patio sipping honey lemongrass drink. Wahaha, so PATHETIC!!!! *slap slap*
Yay!: Ahem. Yay to......hmm, what? Maybe new Avene cream? :P
Grrr: Grrrrrrrrrr to meeeeeeeee. I SUCK DUCK!!!!!!!!! Tmr I'll end up HORRIBLY & IT. IS. JUST. MY OWN. MISTAKE!!!!!!
DON'T FORGET TO: Ask husband & cook No. 2 whether he had bought the Armchair's CD already or no. As I know him, he surely hasn't. Must kill him also but before that he must make his hair wavy. *evil laughter*

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