Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Asian food is sent to mortals from hot Asian gods.

I had a super yummy Japanese fish soup with seaweed yesterday & the jiao-zi fried dumplings with minced meat. It was HEAVENLY! ^____^ *drools*
The Asian Restaurant in Aupark is expensive (one stupid stir-fried Chinese cabbage & mushrooms - 286Skk!!!) but the meals are oh so delicious.... *melts*

I love Asian soups and yesterday I was deciding between Miso shiru, Thai chicken soup with coconut milk & this Japanese fish soup. Man. Such a dilemma. O_O :P

ASIAN SOUPS. AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~ *o* ^.^v

Please, please, my future husband (if I ever have one), be able to cook, okie?? My love for you will increase with each Asian meal you cook for me. ^_~ Unless you treat me like a shit of course, then no meal will help you, not even fresh prawn dim sum & bubble tea as breakfast to bed. <--- Oh!!!! ME WANNA!!!! *o*
That Phy test yesterday.....OMP. #_@ That was interesting! I think I'll be happy if I get 4 (D) cuz at first after finishing it I felt like it's relatively OK but then I've remembered some things....and I've found MANY MANY MANY mistakes. Bleh. =_=

Btw! I've decided that I'll buy 2 (+2?) matching thongs & send 1(2) to hubooby!!!! XD We'll have MATCHING THONGS!!!! So sexyyyyy~~~ *quacks & shakes ducky berbulu butt* Wahahaha!!! Maybe next week I'm off to Obchodna street to check out some thongs. THONGS R FUN. XD

Oh duckies, Easter is coming, so - HAPPY EASTER!!!! ^_____^
If I weren't such lazy ass, I would tell you how we celebrate it. It's quite nice & rather freaky but well, it's nice I think. But...I'm lazy, I'll just tell you to check it out HERE. ^^;;;

Irrelevantly.. I bought the delicious Chinese jasmine green tea & Japanese Genmaicha yesterday... I tell you, there's nothing better than a good tea. Except of delicious FOOD of course, hahah. :P

You see, how SIMPLE am I???????? *slaps head*
Mentally I'm on a level of Homo neanderthalensis. All I want is a good food & good drinks and a cave - in my case, a bungalow on a Thai seashore OR a nice apartment in some kool Asian city.
Oh & a fur to cover my nanoboobs with - that is, a nice clothing. *rolls eyes*
Okay, I need LOVE & a certain intellectual stimulation (sounds so silly) too what can be for example books or art & etc.


Man, this entry has no head, no tail. =_= If you've gotten here (sane or insane), then I should send you a bouquet of orchids. Congratz! O_o

Listening to: "Love Love" by โฟร์+มด. Ohmygod, it's so stupid. XD *slaps head* Before this I was listening to "คนเคยเจ็บ" by one kinda good looking dude called อาหรั่ง. Not that I have any idea of what he was singing about but he is quite cute. ^.^
Yay!: I'm going at some concert of Kika & her choi today. I'll be making make up for Kika & for myself too - whohooooo~~~ And finally I can wear those high heels! YEAH! :D
Grrr: My skin is awful. =_= Tolong. Our rship is rather.... *ahem*. ._.
DON'T FORGET: Many things!!!!

  • Clean up Pikachu's cage!!!!!!!
  • Give Kika that maths stuff from grandma
  • See whether we have enuff ingredients for the easy Thai recipe. I even bought jasmine rice for that so I *should* cook it!
  • Go buy new soil to the flowershop - optional~
  • Draw, paint, draw, paint, draw, paint.

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