Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring is here

Lotsa random blabbing today. *rolls eyes*

I forgot to take my cam for the trip with parents & Haku today so I can't show you the beauty of the fragile white & violet flowers growing in an impressively green leaves of the wild garlic &'s in my mind only and unless you master Legilimency, you can't get in. Muaha.

I was just talking to Chris (Ray's bro) and to Pong.
WTF, I never come online when Pom is online and always come offline when he comes online. *ahem, it kinda made no sense but whatever XD*
For example today he was online from 7pm to 9pm of Thai time waiting for me like stupid. And of course just in that time I wasn't online. >_> This is no fun anymore!!!! *cries angrily* I wanna hear his opinion on my fascinating display pic for him! T_____T ^_^

(Btw, maybe I'll log into his account today and change the personalized msg again. WUAHAHA.)

Waaah, Tsung Long is online today after a long time. ^^
Eh, offline already. We had a nice talk. ^_^

Chris told me one wise thing today: "Don't pull the rubber band too strong or it'll snap." In other words - "Mich & Ray, you assholes, don't argue too much or you can break up!"

Hmmmm, I was just trying to find some nice pics of 비 (Bi) at K-Google and besides him I've found this website with nice manga wallpapers with few jkool bishies: MABINOGI!!! ^___^ Enjoy the bishies. ^_~

Aaaeehh. Nothing more to say. Linda will come over tmr, I'm looking forward. ^^

Listening to: จะโกหกกันไปถึงไหน by D2B (I wonder what are they singing about, haha)
Grrr: Very vain me has no nice nail polish. XD Bwahaha! Grrr also that I still dunno what Pom thinks abt my ARTPIECE. Hah! XD

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