Friday, April 21, 2006

Food Craving Quack No. 486545855

I did something not wise today.... I watched the World's Best Restaurants at Arirang & they were in Tokyo, in two WONDERFUL Jap restaurants.

Oooooooooooooohhhh....... *hearts in eyes* ..................that SUSHI......oooooooooooooohhhh aaaaahhhhhh...... *massive drooling* ....mmmmmMMmmmMmmmmmm~~~ *__* ^____^

I've cooked a plain rice (1/2 of sushi hahah) already but I'm still drooling. Shit shit. I NEED sushi. Please!!!! u_u

*sigh* No no, I won't get any. =_= AWFUL LIFE. You see, if I were a Buddhist monk, I wouldn't be craving for any sushi cuz their philosophy is to stop wanting stuffs. XD

Oh, that reminds of today's Photo Essay - there was one Buddhist monk (HyeGwan? Forgot his name..) who was just such a good person! O_O
He was just sooo good-hearted, I was in awe.. In all his gestures, words, movements I could see how good in heart is he. ^^ He was always there when the local people needed him, he worked on the field & was teaching a young unemployed man how to use the excavator and in the evining he held a magician thingee in the temple so the people would laugh, feel better, open up their hearts & understand and feel their prayers better. Wowow! So kool! ^___^
Much better than 50 yrs old priests fucking little innocent boys behind the altair with Jesus. WTF. <_< *sorry all Christians I've insulted now*

I wish I were so good too but it's harder than it seems. Hmpf. ._.

Things aren't well between me & R again. Haiyah. New start? ._. I believed it's all gonna get better but it's just so-so...and today was just like any other day before the 'break-up'. -_- Maybe we're just too different to click & we just don't have a future. *sigh sigh*
Choi Dong-Wook, come to me in case we break up, I need to cry in your sexy arms. *giggles* XD

Oh Peif, marry me, you're the only one man (*ahem* plushy elk) who truly loves me & never annoys me (except of the summer when your plushy fur is not good cuz I feel too hot in one bed with you. XD Too hot like "very warm" not like hot like topless Se7en or what~ :P)!!!

Oh well duckies. I'm off to take a shower & then ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZ. Btw, I've changed the plants' soil today & watched Sister In Act 2 for the millionth time. But I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!! ^___^
Now I'm singing "Oh, Happy Day" everywhere. :P

Listening to: "Blind" by FTTS. Korean & (certain) Thai music rulezzz! ^^
Yay!: I have a new friend! ^^ One guy from Bkk added me to his MSN today & he's quite fine. An amazing dude too, he studied in India for 6 years all by himself and he has a gf there too.. He's just 18. Interesting. He also speaks "da hip hop way yo" seems like all Thais I know use da hip hop Eng, maybe except of Phong. :P
Grrr: I WANT SUSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RANDOM QUACK: I went out to buy newspapers wearing just a t-shirt, jeans & FLIP-FLOPS. Wow! ^___^

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