Thursday, April 13, 2006

An entry dedicated ONLY & ONLY to C. J., the man who deserves my love forever!

Although I'm in the middle of a very serious chat with my boyfriend, I can't ignore the humble & lovely C. J. who left fascinatingly polite comments on the TagBoard.

C.J: A Sparkling Duck WHAT THE 1*beep*2!! You really sound stupid like you look!!
C.J: Cabreras like u. Get a life dyke. You must need a guy like me. I guess ugly girls like u need luv 2
C.J: Hey Mich..Your a paki.. You should have never disrespected the name of my site

Thank you C. J.
You're the man I've ALWAYS ALWAYS dreamt about! Since the day I was born, I knew that an ugly stupid girl needs someone you.

You're the light of my night.
You're the sunshine of my cloudy evenings.
You're the prince of my kingdom of love.

You're the fart of my unwashed ass.
You're the sweat from my grandma's armpit.
You're the saliva of my cuzin's dog Balu.

You're the man I'd love to have, love, hug, kiss, sleep with, marry...


Please, if you so can't stand me & my dear friend Ilkka, just DO NOT CLICK AT URL & Thankyouverymuch.

Dear fart of my unwashed ass:

Next time just don't go to blogs of people you don't like.
Next time don't think that we all are IN AWE when seeing your blog. I'm not going to critisize it now, anyone who hops there sees that it's... *ahem ahem*.
Stop being TOO self-confident. We see that you're a loser, we see it even despite your bragging on how gorgeous you are.

Moreover, stop being confusing!
See, you make no sense:

You say that I'm ugly and stupid. But as we all *know*, you're hot, gorgeous & the best man ever. Such men need beauties like Beyonce or Amerie, or no?
Apparently NO.
You say that even ugly girls like me need love. You say that I *MUST* need a guy like you. You're being rude to me.

In kindergartens when boys like girls, they pull their hair, slap them, tell them that they're stupid & fight with them.

Maybe you're on a mental level of boys in kindergarten. Why would you tell me that I'm stupid & ugly and go see my blog and comment rude things there if you didn't like me? HM?

I think I have a point in this, don't I?
In case you're a homosexual then you can't like me & it can mean only that you're a rude dickhead.
In case you're a heterosexual, I deduce that you like me, you're on a mental level of a 4 yrs old boy & you're a loser.

Either way, stop disturbing mine & Ilkka's peace. Thankyouverymuchagain.

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