Monday, April 24, 2006

I have a HILARIOUS DIARY!!!!! *rofl*

Dearest Mr. Anupong A. from Chanthaburi & Mr. Raymond Ch. from Ampang are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to read this entry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Pui, Phong, Munie, baibee & Gib must NOT mention anything to them cuz if they knew about what will be in this entry, I'll be forced to emmigrate to Yakutsk & change my identity. *shivers*

Oh, since yesterday I know very well what's that.
I'm sure you remember how I was saying that I didn't love Pom, that it all was a crap & that our 'relationship' was just a crap too. Oh yes & that I was dating him cuz I just 'felt like it' but I didn't feel any love to him.

HOLY. SACHI. <--- Don't ask! XD

I've opened my (written) diary yesterday. I like reading it sometimes cuz I find myself very ridiculous & I like to laugh at how ridiculous & idiotic I was.
So. *ahem*
I opened my diary & was randomly jumping from page to page. I knew that I kept this diary during the "Pom Times" & during the times when I got to know Ray and I 'broke up' with Pom and all this Korean drama. Yadda yadda blahblah.

It was interesting so I started to read it and.................................................. *takes a deep breath* .......................................................... THERE WERE WRITTEN THINGS LIKE THESE!!!!!!:

*flips the pages still in a state of shock & translates*
(The comments of Mich2006 are in grey & small btw.)

January 22th, 2005 (12.03am)

I LUV U POM! ^_^
Really. Seriously.. He's as INCREDIBLY SUPER as I think I'm gonna die from him. And btw, I have his recent 2 pix but I've printed out only 1 and even that one got printed out badly but Pom's face is OK. Here he is:
(I still have that pic! The one in my diary! *hihi* Hahahaaaa, he looks like some kawaii manga animal. *dies laughing* I must say that he looks better now - *cough esp topless cough* & thank god for that. *rofl*)

Eh, I don't mean it bad but he looks kinda weird, doesn't he? ^^ :P But in reality he's AS handsome as it's even impossible. I've seen him on the webcam again & he looks almost like Se7en (shit, I wish! *laughs*). Well, not really like he looks like that but he just reminds me of him SOMEHOW. ^_^
My collection of romantic lyrix from Korean singers has grown a lot, haha.
And that's cuz ----> POM.
Today he was calling me (ringing me up), I've rang him up back and he told me that he didn't think that I'd call him back. Hehe. He's POM. I can't just NOT CALL HIM!!!!
And hoooo....he told me "I luv u", totally like to the fone....aaaaaaahhhh.
Well, I'm going to bed or I'm gonna melt.
Hehehehe~ ^_^

*O_O XD*

OH MY BULUNESS. @_@ XD *laughs till tears flow from her eyes* I AM SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS, IT'S JUST HILARIOUS TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rofl rofl rofl rofl*
Oh Pom, if you knew..... XD
*cries from laughter*

Shall I continue? *bats eyelashes*
I should be sleeping already actually (12.56am & I'm waking up at 6.25am!!!!) but I CAN'T leave this entry unfinished. I just can't. Lemme post another stuff from my diary:

*tries to stop laughter & translates*

January 27th, 2005

Today I feel like Pom doesn't love me..for a change.
I'm sure I'm again paranoid as always...I hope he loves me cuz I'd be able even to die for him. I LOVE HIM. POM, UR MY EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD... I LUV U.~ *_* (See how I automatically changed the Eng used into "da hip hop" way? Pom talks like that, that's why. *giggles*)
Tommorrow I have a test from Bio, I haven't studied at all yet. Fuck it. Fuck everything. I wanna be with Pom...and I wanna be sure that he loves me...cuz if no, I'm gonna die. :(
I was watching the Diary Of Sisters. Young-Hun and Yu-Jin hugged as beautifully in the end as I've almost died. *wipes tears*

I'm off to study. I'll write it badly tommorrow anyways...FUCK IT!!!! >.<

*wipes tears from laughter*

Wanna more?! XD
THE FOLLOWING THING IS DAMN HILARIOUS & I AM DYING FROM LAUGHTER AS I AM READING IT!!!!!! *cries laughing* But it's beautiful in its own way! Oooohhh!!!! OOOHH!!! Wahaha!!! :D Me ruk it! :D

February 14, 2005 (it's already after midnight --> 12.09am)

Tommorrow we have a test from PHYSICS but I have no strenght for studying it. (I've always been a slacker!) I really CAN'T MAKE IT. (Phy or the following thing? O_o -->) Pom sent me this kind of SMS (unchanged mistakes in English):
Man. He's so cute. ^_^ That "u r my breath", he meant "my air" but we all geddit.
I think I'm gonna die, he's REALLY SUPER. My dearest boy ^_^ :D *hearts in eyes*
Things are working good for me... I HAVE THE ALLOWANCE TO GO TO SINGAPORE!
Lynna almost died when I told her that. ^_^ For half a year!!! I'll also buy visas to Malaysia & to Thailand. ^_^ (I didn't know I need no visas to Msia.)
I'll go to Malaysia with Lynna & I'll go visit Pom in Thailand.
I'll be in Singapore!
With Lynna!!!!
I'll meet Pom!
I'll meet his family!!!!

*laughs like a total retard & gets drown in wavy haired memories as she proceeds to write the following 3 lines*

Pom, soon we're going to hug each other
I promise U 2 luv U more than anyone
Ur my everything! ^_^
Lynnie, soon we're going 2 hug each other 2
I promise U 2 be ur bestest friend
No matter what! ^_^ (Awwww... ^.^)

(Oooooohhh noooooo, I'm dying from laughter seriously, the following stuff will make me die for 200%!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD *points downwards*)

Pom - my star, my sun, the most beautiful flower out there, the darkest sky, the brightest EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU POM.

Okay, I'm again getting crazy. :P (I admit that, Mich 2005! *rofl*)
G2G. Physics is expecting me, she can't wait for me!!! >_< -_-"

*cramps on tummy from all the laughing*
Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. XD I think my diary is HILARIOUS. *laughs* I'd post more hilarious entries from my hilarious diary but it's already 1.25am here & that means that if I went to bed now, my complete sleep time would be only 5 hours....and it'll be less than that actually. *sigh* Boxed panda look again. =_=

But...but....THAT DIARY!!!!! I AM IN A BRUTAL SHOCK!!!!! O_O *faints*
Was it really ME? ME?! ME, MICHAELA?!?! O_o :D
I totally forgot that I was so crazy in love with him. Hihihihihi! :P Nice to remember when he comes online I'll start to laugh like a retard & he'll ask me why and I'll be like "Ummm...u know.... *innocent sweet smile* ^^;;;"
Usually I have my webcam on both with Ray & Pom. And it's usual too that when Ray is online, Pom is online too....and....when I'll be talking to Ray & suddenly Pom comes online & we'll start to talk....I will start to laugh like a deranged ass & then BOTH Ray & Pom will ask me what's wrong with me and then HALLELUJAH!!!!!! *drops dead imagining that*


Wahahhahahhahah!!!! I can't take this!!!! XD XD *rofl* I shouldn't have started to read my diary. Now I can't look at Pom the way I did before cuz it'll remind me that he's "the most beautiful flower out there" and I'll end up crying from laughter. XD
And then.....IN THAILAND ON XMAS!!!!!!! O_O @_@
Oh no.
Oh no.
Ooooohhhh noooooooooooooo~~~~ XD
I'll MEET him! I'll MEET also his FAMILY!!!! And he wants me to meet his mom & etc., etc.! OMG, ooohh wahhahahahha, this is gila, I'm dying. XD

Oh. My. Godness.

It seems like I loved Pom & that's really shocking cuz I thought I didn't!!!! *faints* Thank god that the SMSes I've been sending him at that time are removed already. *whew* I'm sure it was something mushy. XD

I will no more call him "HUSBAND 2014" (the cooking business deal, rememba?) cuz it reminds me of the entries in my hilarious diary. XD And that's scary! Eeeekkk!!! So much love!! Overdose! Eeekkk! Isn't it amazing that I'm supposed of so many deep crazy feelings???? *giggles*

Oh, btw. Recently when we were supposed to meet online, he was wearing the t-shirt I gave him a long time ago (my diary, Jan 28, 2005: I've just packed the t-shirt & CD for Pom. ^^ I hope that he'll like that t-shirt!!! It costed me 99Skk, except of that tree for Jong-Moon it is so far the most expensive gift I've ever bought. But for Pom...that doesn't count. He's special 2 me! ^_^). AMAZING, ISN'T IT?!
Men. I'll never understand them. :P

Ray, you have no this kinda entries in my diary cuz I was just blogging when we've declared our love. Ehehe. Sorry la.
Still, stay tuned for the diary entries where I mention R for the 1st times. It's AMAZING. *giggles*

Listening to: Some Jay Chou. Dunno what is it but it's from the Initial J album.
Yay!: Ooohhhh Pom, if you knew about this, you'd die laughing with me, I'm sure of that. XD
Grrr: Oooohhh Pom & Ray, if you knew about this, I'd have to emmigrate to Yakutsk & change my identity, I'm sure of that. XD :S
DON'T FORGET: Pick up the tea from R at the post & send out the card to Jong-Moon oppa!!!!!


Anonymous said...

mwahahhaa/... this IS hilarious Mich!! u made my day.. ey. im going back on 28th april. lets chat! ehhee. mish u!


Ilkka said...

Oh my dearest darling baibee.. my sun, my star.. you wrote those things in a so hilarious way XDDD Althought it was quite interesting. I still do remember, when you were so "in love" with Pom and even sent that pic (that is also published in this entry) to me XDDD

Princess Mich said...

FUCKING HILARIOUSLY IDIOTICALLY FUNNY hahhahahhahahhah, I know baibee & Munie! XD

Oh well. I've never been normal!