Wednesday, April 05, 2006


How fragile such love can be... Imagine a fresh bright green leaf of a tree...or butterfly's your health...or your own happiness. -_-


If only we could be back
To where it was months ago
We both know
Turning back the time is of no use
To what must happen we can't refuse
We're changing and the time with us
We both wonder
Whether our love the hardships can pass
It's tough & painful
Yet maybe necessary
For if all is like a fairy tale, it can't be real
But the real life with real love
Causes the pain, the way we have to feel
Let's wish it leaves no scars
They heal so slowly
Let's wish we'll learn that
We're for each other only..

(By Mich)

Ah yay. Who would've imagined that things like these will be happening? Not that it's rare or something...but still... *sigh*
I'll never ever say again that I wanna live in a Korean drama. ._.

Friday, 3pm, MSN.
I wonder how will it be. I wonder if we can be the same again. I wonder if it has future. I wonder about so many things. *sigh*
I tend to remember people & what they did (e. g. I still remember how was the *ahem* wannabe "relationship" with Pom, I remember all good & bad at it & no matter how hard I tried to forget, I just didn't & couldn't~) and I tend to regret my decisions a lot.
I'm not the type who'll just forget everything & move on...and especially when love is involved. ._.
I feel guilty for being the way I am, for treating boyfriend the way I do, for having many stupid inner problems & making other people suffer for it. I feel disappointed in myself cuz I proved not to be as good and tolerant and 'made for romantic love' as I liked to think that I am. I feel pain cuz I see the past happy moments fade away for good...all I can see now is insecurity abt the future. What's behind the corner for us?
Who knows. Maybe a hole full of shit & maybe a path with rose petals.

Listening to: "My Memory" by Ryu. Yes, I'm completely hopeless, I'm listening to it everyday. But it's just! *_* ^__^
Yay!: Hmmm...maybe...maybe it's yay-ish that I got a good gift for my mother's bday. HAPPY BDAY 2U!
Grrr: Read this entry... Also I must kill Pom cuz he felt very gila & rang me up 3 times/night and sent me one SMS so I was always waking up & falling asleep again. Wah, I like attention but not at 3.45am. :P
DON'T FORGET TO: Friday, 3pm, MSN. Physics assignment. Seek Jong Moon's addy. Send out the letter to R...

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