Monday, April 10, 2006

Physics is my enemy... I'll die cuz we'll write the test TMR. The prof was mercilous & agreed on not giving us the test today (as planned) but tmr. Not that it makes any difference, I'm gonna fail it anyways. =_=

I'm just now listening to THE STUPIDEST SONG EVER CREATED on Earth! Haha! Thanks Pui for letting me see the video for it which was also rather stupid with these 2 kawaii Thai girls in kawaii tank tops & fluffy lacey skirts & a dude wearing a pink T-shirt and all...haha!

See here if you feel insane enuff. ^^ That's โฟร์+มด with "Love Love" and don't ask me what the Thai thing means cuz I really have idea. :P And know what? It's GREAT in its stupidity. XD I love it cuz its so stupid. XD

Hmmm well. Not that it's much to say... Spring is here...and inspired by the spring beauty outside, I'm painting spring oil on canvas is almost finished. ^^ My art prof said that the colors I used are beautiful & it has a very nice athmosphere! ^__^ *looks around proudly*
I'll post pics of it once I'm done with it. ^^

Oh well. Got many things to do for tmr....shit shit. =_=

Yay!: Me got a new pretty metallic belt. ^_^ Wahooooo~~~ Oh yes & had a nice sweet & sour chicken at Fong's.
Grrr: Fucking bitch at Eng, fuck off!!! *takes out Kalashnikov & shoots her* Phy tmr...just kill me. =_=
DON'T FORGET: Phy test. Eng assignment abt primary schools in SVK. Eng oral presenation abt those maturita stuffs from maturita book. WTF. *dies*

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