Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Procrastinating As Much As It Gets

Have I studied Literature already???????

a) Yes, of course I have. I'm a responsible person who knows that it's essential for me to study for it - maturita has compulsory Slovak lingo anyways so a bit of studying will just be good for me.

b) Eh, erm, not much but I've at least opened my notebook (since the book is in the school) and read it a & I remember few things and the rest is for tmr's "last minute studying" before the test itself.

c) No, I haven't. Instead of that, I've been trying to find Se7en's 24/7 album online for illegal downloading, chatting with Pong & Kika, writing a letter to Ray, helping Linda out with her English homework, filling out Cenfad's online enquiry form, packing thongs for hubooby, starting the download of FTTS's 5 albums, staring at a small map of KL & trying to imagine where probably Cenfad could be, daydreaming, creaming my ugly face, reading blogs, changing the theme of my Mozilla (I have this one now! It's damn classy & pretty! ^__^), listening to Korean Top10 at KBS radio, eating yummy Schogetten chocolate (who's been bragging abt DIETS?!), drinking Kofola & thinking of how good is it that me & Ray are together and that I wanna go to KL & that he has no muscles elsewhere, except of maybe arms but it's compensated by nice shoulders & fascinating Asian single eyelids.

Yes, you were right, c) IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's past 1am now!!!!! Aaarrggghhhh!!!! Again I'm procrastinating!!!! AGAIN!!!! Will it ever end?! I hope it will or else... =_=

Or techincally today cuz it's past 1am & I'll sleep less than 5hrs tmr and look like a panda who met angry drunk Muay Thai fighter. >_< @_# Awful. I'm so impossibly STUPID.

Listening to: "Two Steps" by Se7en feat. Perry. Aiyah, Se7en is a 100% commercial product of YG Entertainment but he's fascinatingly hot & hilarious ANYWAYS. :D I want his latest CD!!! AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *sniff sniff*
Yay!: I will get to Cenfad. I will. I will! ^__^ Or no? Ohhh no no, I WILL get there.
Grrr: I'm a procrastinating bitch who's horribly irresponsible. >_< SOMEONE KICK MY ASS!!!!
DON'T FORGET: Send out package & letter tmr. Take the book to Linda. STUDY, YOU BITCH!

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