Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another annoying sentimental entry which you'd better don't read cuz it's boring, annoying and self-pitying! >_>

I miss Singapore & Malaysia so much. T_T

It comes in sinusoids...that means..periodically...waaahhh... T_T Sometimes I'm OK with being here, sometimes I'm dying for being there.

Now I'm dying for being there.

I was just looking at that little violet teddy bear I've found on the street in Singapore when hubooby, me & Amir where heading home.
Also I'm looking at the pretty oval piece of coral with a hole in the middle I've found on the gorgeously white sandy beaches at the island around Pulau Tioman...

Both things are in front of me on the desk with PC.

*dies crying & continues wailing incoherently*

And today... Today I was wearing my grey Singaporean 3/4 pants...those I bought at Orchard Rd when shopping with Manis. u_u *sigh* Orchard Rd..... I love the athmosphere there. It is beautiful! Tall healthy green trees, lights, cars, benches with people, scents, flowers, food... PERFECT.

And... Whenever I look at myself in the mirror... I see the blue Roxy butterfly from Ray... *sentimental K-dramaish sigh*
u_u He gave it to me on the last day of my stay in Malaysia.... *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff* Me, already being depressed like never almost died seeing it...
And then... I knew it's time to go to the airport, the place I love & hate in the same time. u_u


This is MY personal Korean drama.
WTF!!! :P
All complete with sappy situations (*Ray giving me a little red choc heart when arriving to Vienna*), sad ones (*me flying home & dying of sadness and crying for TWO days in a row*), the eternal love/obsession from another guy (Pom), music reminding us of each other (Natalie Imbruglia, The Corrs), stupid conflicts (*us getting pissed off for anything idiotic*) & the brutal situation of my mother saying that I can't go there this summer!!!!

F*CK!!! *dies*

She really thinks I can survive it?!
I've wanted to go there once again at least for one fuckin see, to see everyone!
...To see my future college, to ask Ray's mom to sew me the prom dress from Thai silk, buy heels, eat 567 tonnes of Korean & Japanese food, die eating spicy tomyum & go to that beautiful park in KL again.
And now I was told I can't go there.

*jumps of the window*

I'm at the loss of the words, emotions & feelings. O_O

****************************************** ************* ********* ****** **** *** ** *

Typically I was online today, checked my emails & saw Pom's email saying that he was online yesterday and will be online on Monday. Still I've SMSed him that I'm online now and I'll be online on Monday too.
I've stayed online for another 1.5hrs and then went off. And now I've signed in again & found another email from Pom saying that he was online TODAY. And like 45mins after I logged out. >_< WTF!!!!!
If I don't catch him online tmr, I'll really kick someone's ass. Waahh, I wanna know what he thinks of my wonderful artpiece!!!! *sniff sniff sniff*

Sorry sayangku & everyone for not being on MSN today. Linda was here and we were writing emails to some unis in Paris, London, Berlin & Münich. We also went out to eat pizza & cake... It was kool. ^_^

Aiyah. No school tmr but art course, cinema with 2 friends and Chem test on Tuesday. =_=

Listening to: "Violet" by Ryu. Still the Winter Sonata OST. I'm incurable!!!!! :P
Yay!: the cake & pizza today. And to the fact that it was as warm as I could wear the 3/4 pants for the 1st time this year.
Grrr: No contact with anyone cuz no MSN today. Sorry la. SUPER-MEGA-GRRRR FOR FORBIDDIN ME TO GO TO MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE!!!!!! >_< Saya tak boleh tahan liaoooo!!!!!!!!!!! <-- Hubooby, thanks for teaching! ^_~ AARRGGHHH so shitty. >_<

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