Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thong Time

Hubooby, look poopward to somethong BERBULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wife bought DA THONGS today.

They're two & one is very ah lian-ish - light pink & semi-transparent (!) with two little ribbons & a lil' "skirtie" and...hold your quack...with...FEATHERS on back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies laughing*

The other thong is also ah lian-ish - it's black, semi-transparent as well with some lil' matte dots (or what) in front and it has a black LACE WITH GLITTERS!!!! XD
OMP!!!! *hides in a glittery tomb & giggles stupidly*

Haiyah! *slaps bulus*
What's the world turning into? XD
I'm a bit afraid of the black thong being uncomfy, the glitters may be scratchy but I think that the pink one is comfy & nice to wear. ^^
I'll send it out tmr so I hope it arrives in few days...wahaha...sexy lah...berbulu & glittery thongs... XDDDD

I won't post pics now, first I'll wait for hubooby to get the thongs. ^^

****************************** ******************* ****** ***** **** *** ** *

I've sent the pic of the swampy forest not to the contest - I couldn't register there cuz I don't have Czech nationality - but to other NG thingee. More here.

I hope that this weekend me & Linda will be off to Piestany. It'd be kool....we would go eat some hot rasberries with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream again....mmmmm... ^___^ Yum yummm...

Oh well. Me got a test from literature tmr so I should study now... I will, right after I make some black tea in order to prevent me from falling asleep while looking at it. x_x

Waaahhh actually, I should write a letter to Ray before I'm off to studying - then I can send it out tmr as well, along with the thongs for hubooby & also I can pick up the jasmine tea from Ray - I hope they give it to me even without that paper which I don't have cuz I ripped it into pieces on thee "break-up" day. Cialat. :P

Listening to: "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by Siti Nurhaliza. Waaahhhhh, she's SO good, can anyone please get me some her CD?! :P
Yay!: Me got new 2 thongs! Spring is here & maybe it'll be 20C tmr!!!! *dances cha-cha cheerfully* ^__^
Grrr: Literature test tmr. F*^@... x_x Also...SCHOOL tmr!!!!! AAaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! *dies* Today is the last day of last holidays before the summer ones!!!! *commits harakiri* @_@

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