Monday, April 03, 2006

Corporate slaves cómo mi madre

Ha! I've just sent the link for Fuckstress to my mother cuz I think she'll enjoy reading her blog - they're both similar corporate slaves. Mwahaha. If only I could persuade her to have a blog too....BUT BUT....she'll get persuaded only if I show her mine but that's what I don't want to do. Aiyah!!! *faints* -_-''''

Duh, momi momi, when I'm big & wise, I DON'T want to live the life of a CORPORATE SLAVE. I wanna be the art director who'll earn 100 000Skk/month & drive some silver sexy Lexus. Wuahaha.

Finally a miracle has happened & I've caught Pom online and...and...AND....HE HAS A NEW HAIRSTYLE AND HIS HAIR ISN'T WAVY ANYMORE!!!!! *cries heavily*
So heartbreaking.
I must find something to make fun of.
His glasses? Nose? Mouth? Eyes? T-shirt like idiot? There's always something obscure to make fun of at him so no probs. *evil laughter*

Well duckies, I'm pooping away. Got art class now!

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