Sunday, April 09, 2006


No Bangkok my dearest duckies. It costs like 90, 000Skk for 4 weeks!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!

*jumps off a cliff & waves farewell with Thai flag*

How sad is this? *sniff sniff sniff*

I must find MORE volunteer programs in Thailand & preferrably in Bkk or Pattaya or just not on the North cuz how can I meet with mah wavy haired hiphop boy then?? And with mah wavy haired bedminton boy?! Chiang Mai is too far away from wavy hair.

(Oh! I'm still forgetting TWO things: a) Pom's hair is straight now AND b) I said I won't make fun of him anymore!!!)

But..but...I wanna go! T_T The country where my future bungalow lies!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! *cries heavily* Haha well, actually it's not like we would die of poverty if I went to Bkk & it would cost us 90k Skk - it's just that if I go to Thailand in summer, we won't go to Thailand in winter!

WTF. Let's compare it:


- hang out with Pom & Phong quite often cuz I'll have evenings & weekends free (that is, if they don't run away in horror when seeing me)
- learn a bit of freaky Thai lingo
- free Thai food (oh, yum~ *sips tomyum & her body burns down to the ashes from all da chilli* XD)
- free accomodation
- free calls within Thailand
- the above things are not free considering the 90,000 Skk which has to be paid
- finally I'll do something good & meaningful like teach little kawaii Thai girls that if their future husband slaps them once, they must leave him & kick his ass and balls and make dog food outta his body
- possibly can visit some beaches, unless I'm somewhere up north around Chiang Mai
- new experiences
- me will be ALONE! Yeeey!!! :D
- my parents will again be stuck in SVK while I'll be enjoying myself somewhere 10k km away from them in a country where ppl share the same passion for food as I do =_=


- visit Chantaburi with all its gem markets, waterfalls & etc.
- visit Pom & Pui who both live in Chantaburi
- meet with Pom, Pui & Phong and maybe even with Gib (I LOVE Thai nicknames! Haha!)
- less time with them...or none, in case they all run away in horror when seeing me!
- 100% get beautiful beaches at Koh Chang & nearby islands *hearts in eyes*
- visit Bkk too
- yummy Thai food paid by parents
- beach lil' bungalow accomodation/hotel resort
- more money for shopping!
- also new experiences
- maybe can go to Cambodia (via organized tour of course) = one more country to see!
- escape the fucking cold snowy Slovak winter and ENJOY THE HOTNESS IN THAILAND!
- celebrate Xmas in Thailand - and how kool is that?! Waaahhh~~~ *_* ^__^
- still maybe can learn a bit of freaky Thai lingo - if I annoy Pom enuff haha (poor him! @_@)

That winter Thailand looks better esp. cuz of those BEACHES DURING THE COLD SLOVAK WINTER.
Aiyah. Can't I just move there? >_> Or to Malaysia? >_> That'd be better! *mumbles*

OK, OK, I'll stop blabbing, this entry had no head no tail.

Listening to: "ตกลงเราเป็นอะไรกัน" by Gear Knight. I swear I don't understand ANY SINGLE THING. XD
Yay!: Linda is coming over tmr. We'll go for an unhealthy delicious cake! Yay! :D
Grrr: Why don't I have a golden credit card so I can travel both to Bkk in summer & to Koh Chang in the winter? u_u
DON'T FORGET: UUUUhhhhhHHhhhhh, Physics test TOMMORROW!!!!!! Just kill me, just kill me. =_=

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