Monday, April 17, 2006

K-Drama Must Go On!

Me & R are very messy people & totally unpredictable ducks cuz we've decided on another chance again. Man, I've thrown out & removed all the photos liao! @_@ Eh. Too bad. All what's left are Malaysia pics on CDs & one (!) pic of us two on my MSN. Well and some pics at PhotoBucket.
Aiyah, alright.
I hope that this will go well & I swear that I'll try not to be too sarcastic cuz my boyfriend takes things too personally & he can't bear it well. *evil giggle*

Anyways, anyways.

How was your Easter? ^^
Mine was great, I was in Piestany with K & UE and we had a POOPY GOOD time. Heee~~ In overall we were doing nothing, eating, sleeping & playing cards. PURE LAZINESS. Beautiful.

Few days ago we (me & parents) were at one trip and I took pictures mother is persuading me to send one pic to certain CZ National Geographic photography contest.

Here is the pic:
It looks better in all its 3.1 megapixel beauty of course & in overall it's kinda nice...

...But is it good enough for NG contest????

I don't think it is. =_=

Oh well, but maybe I'll send it there. Just for the fun. :P

I'll write more & post more pics later, now I'm lazy to...sorry!

Listening to: "In The Name Of Father" by Jay Chou
Yay!: SPRING IS HERE! K-drama goes on! No school even tmr!
Grrr: My teeth are yellow like shit. Aaarrgghhhh.
TASKS: Change the hibiscus' soil finally. If there's a soil left, change the yucca's soil as well. Oh yes & tmr go buy thongs! :P Re-discover the miracle called "shower" & "toothbrush". x_x


Anneesa said...

OMG, that is a beautiful picture! Must send! Must send! Should send. If you dont, I will do it for you. Now. go. send.

Princess Mich said...

OooOOOOOoooo, SHOULD I then???? *_* I will, I will! :D NOW! As my ducky sis says!!! :D ^_____^

Ilkka said...

Sure! Send the pic right away!!! It looks excellent!
NG Finland had/has the same kind of photography contest too! I sent two pics to there in January and actually both of them were taken by my brother, but I sent the other on his name and the other on my name. I think they should publish the winners in the next magazine *waits poopyliciously*