Friday, April 28, 2006

Feeling better thanks to YOU! ^_^

I'm hapoopy so I'm quacking in Ducklish!!!! Deal with it! ^___^ THE ENTRY IS FULL OF CRAP!!!!!

This day had a lot of positive bulus in it:

  • My lovely ducky sis sent me a wonderful & looooooong email concerning my "I'm a piece of shit" problem. Ducky ducky... THANKS A MILLION. It really helped me out!!! ^___^ I shall reply you properly when I finish blabbing here at Blogger..

    It's very true what you told me..

    "You have to clean your act now or else there won't be a future in the uni of your choice. just keep that in mind, you need to work hard to achieve your dreams. nothing is every simple. not for me, not for you. it is very hard sometimes, i understand. but you can't give up. not now. you are this close to doing something you love, don't give it up, okay? :)

    when the pressure is building, remember, drop whatever you are doing, just take a deep breath, step back and grab a pen and paper and write down what is bothering you. because i believe when i write my problem down on the paper/mirror, then there is more space in my head to think :) then i can think clearly."

    ...and I WILL remember it & act like that!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    Ms. Ducky Myself, prepare for the remaining 44 schooldays full of terror & awful Maths & Physics. Don't die!!!! Not yet! You haven't bought your bungalow in Thailand yet! You haven't adopted your Cambodian baby girl yet! You haven't entered the darn uni yet! No wedding yet! Nothing! SURVIVE!!!!

    My dear ducky, I'm thankful with my whole BERBULU heart for always being there to help me! Me looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you foreeeeeeeeeeever!!!! You're like a real sis to me....all complete with glittery bontot bulus! Wahahahaha! XD

    *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hugs* Lab you muchos!!!!!! ^_____________^

  • My glittery duckyboy Ray sent me the following things:

    * the photos from this winter when he was here - I didn't have them anymore cuz I've removed them all on the day of the "break up". Korean drama behaviour, really. :P

    * two letters - they both kinda touched me as one of 'em was about our unpoopy rship & the other one was just a random one. Ray! Such a long letter, the 1st one! Wah! O_o Korean drama indeed.... *hihi*

    * a white boot cut Renoma microfibre thong which is gonna be VERY comfy! :D Hahaaa! Yes, you've noticed my THONG MOOD very well, I'm getting thongified these days & I'm happy for any thong..hah...and this one rulezz, the material is so nice. ^^

    Eh, I hope we can survive this our lil' shit. Maybe all we need are to be kicked to ass for 2 times and we'll be OK. I'll ask my former saseong Pak Chol Min if he doesn't feel like kicking asses. Hahaha. :P

    I'll write you a letter during this weekend, OK? ^.^

  • I bought new yellow sandals for summer for the "brutal" price of 490Skk. XD They have a lil platform (ca. 4cm), 3x 2 white strings across the sandal & yellow flowers on it. Looks damn summer-y & tropical....and I feel as if I bought it in Singapore, there I liked the shoes a lot & they were for similar prices. :D Sooo kool. I love it! :D

  • It's FRIDAY!!!!!! 'Nuff said! *dances merengue around the room*

  • I'm happy also cuz HE is the hottest sexiest yummiest loveliest *blahblahyaddayaddadrooldroolswoonswoon* man EVER alive!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, Dong Wook oppa, WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!?!?! *gets killed by Ray*
    So...err...What makes me happy?
    This photo (Credits to!!!:
    Oooohhhhh, his looks are HEAVENLY. *dies* I'm completely obsessed with him, I can't help myself.....he's so DAMN CUTE!!!! I'm dying!!!! O_O ^______^

    Oooohhhh........ooohhhh.....aaaahhh....if I could just hug him & smell his (surely sexy) scent & rest head at his sexy chest and with his (nest-style! XD) hair and....look into his eyes & BLAHBLAH!!!!

    I must stop cuz Ray will go & kick my ass. Wahahaha. XD

    Saranghaeyo..... *hearts in eyes*

    AHEM, I'm really sorry, I'm only a tiny bit mad, you know? *angelic smile*

    I like sweet kawaii hot Koreans with nice flat noses, sexy single eyelids, luscious lips, beautiful smile (Bae Yong Joon!!! *_*) & tall toned body.
    Ugghhhhhh. Aaaahhh.

    I totally can imagine Jong Moon oppa slapping his head in disbelief & laughing at me!!!! XD I think he has never met a madder 1/4 Korean than me! XD

  • I'm happy cuz I have GREAT friends. ^___^ You duckies know who you are. I LOVE YOU ALL FORDUCKEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jong Moon oppa should get my letter by now or by next week. Whohohooo. I miss him!!!! I wanna go to Korea!!!!! *cries* Then I'd buy all of the CDs I want, nice clothes, Missha makeup which I like a lot, eat TONNES of yummy food & drool over those sexy Korean guys. <-- Ray, I AM loyal!!!!! ^^;;;;

Listening to: "Nae Ga Noo Neul Gam Neun Ee Yoo" by Taebin.
Yay!: Read this entry! ^^
Grrr: Tuition this weekend in Piestany. =_= TWO Maths tests next week. Shit.

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