Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pointless Wavy Haired Entry

Mr. Anupong A., I BEG YOU ON MY NANOBOOBS, please don't read this entry! (You don't visit this blog often but what if...???!!!???)
Mr. Raymond Ch. mind my blabbing please - every woman needs to blab & my case is that I need to blab ALL THE TIME. Too bad. :P

Today was a brutal okayish dictation at Slovak class, Eng maturita shit, awful Maths (got an exam tmr! TOLOOOOONG!!!! @_@), fine Spanish & interesting Society Studies.
Me got a very nasty 0th class tmr....eeeehhh.....ungodly early, 7.05am, that's NOT good. =_= Lemme sleep, PLEASE!!!!!! *cries*

Ooo, I bought a nice eyeliner has that kind of hazelnut-ish golden color...VEEERY PRETTY! ^__^ Me feels pretty again....and like an ah lian too, hahha. :P

Just now I'm talking to Mr. No More Wavy Hair (that straight hairstyle is actually really kool although I can no more make fun of waves *sniff*) and he's telling me to go with him to Koh Samet.
I'm obsessed with tropical islands..............mmmm....but...not just me. :P

Ahem, this entry has no head no tail, I know.
I'm just writing what's on my mind as I talk to Pom. He's wearing the t-shirt I gave him a looooooooooooooooooooong time's grey but now I see that that isn't the good WAVY COLOR, I should've bought him a dark blue/red (wah!)/grassy green/black/white or beige...just NOT suck. =_=
Eh! He has 2 cars, Mitsubishis...lucky boy indeed.

OK, this is not recording of a chat with Pom, I KNOW I know but I really am just randomly putting here what appears on my mind. As you see, just pointless stuffs appear there. :P

I'll be Wavy's 1st wife? How come? Wasn't Jeon Ji Hyun supposed to be 1st & then BoA? O_o <--- Yes, we share the ruk for Koreans~
Duh, such a jump up at the Wife List. I don't know whether to feel flattered or horrified, wahhahhaha~~ XD

Trees are blooming EVERYWHERE & I love it to bits. ^_________________^ It's bbbbbbbbbbeeeeaaaaaaaauuuuuutifffuuullll..... ^____^

Hmm...I sent out the THONG PACKAGE to hubooby today by 1st class so I hope it arrives soon!!! :D The black thong IS comfy, I'm just wearing it & it's pretty kool. And glittery too. Waaah, fresh from Alaskan tombs with Hell-No Kitty pictures on purple walls! XDDDD

Pom's face is so funny!!!! Wahahahhahhahahh, I even dunno why but it's so funny!!!! XD *laughs like a total idiot* That NOSE!!!! Ahahaha! <--- OK, why am I laughing at his nose when it looks like mine only tanned? =_~ :P
You must understand, I'm obsessed not only with tropical islands but also with Asian noses. Just look at Se7en and his adorable makes me feel like in heaven, it's so lovely. ^____^

<---- MmmmMMmMMMMMmMmm AAAAaaaAAAaaaAaaaaaaHhhhhhHHhh that nose, those eyes, those lips~!~~~!!!!! *faints drooling* How come I forgot to tell Mr. Wavy abt my LUIS VUITTON DREAM? That was so kool & idiotic!!!!!! XD

It went like this:

I flew to Bkk where I met up with Ray and we were at the Chatuchak market (right?) but I terribly horribly wanted to get to somewhere where Pom was cuz he promised me that we'll go shopping to Luis Vuitton and he'll advise me too and buy stuffs and all.
To my misery, I couldn't get there cuz Ray was always telling me something, I was annoyed, he was stopping me from going & etc. etc. so I couldn't get to the place where Pom was supposed to be until very late evening. Oh and before going on my own to the place where he was we miraculously appeared at Patpong! :P Patpong, the slutty place, I'm sure you know. :P
Well, anyways...somehow I managed to bulu away from Ray and went through Bkk in night on my own until I came to a very wide dark boulevard with almost no cars, dark trees and some lights here and there...amazingly, as I was walking to there, I was passing by all those crowded streets and I could smell the exotic food flavors. ^^
It was some posh shopping place where Luis Vuitton was supposed to be or what. And there - finally! - Pom stood maybe 200m away from me & I started to wave at him and walk towards him all looking forward to Luis Vuitton & food and etc. but before I reached him I woke up!!!!!!

Gila. XD

If dreams have meanings then WTF could be the meaning of this dream? :P XD
Maybe that:

a) I'm talking abt tropical countries, Thai bungalows, expensive shopping, food and SEA way too much and I should shut up cuz it's even in my dreams already!!!!

b) Luis Vuitton??? :P Why not Jil Sander or Kenzo or Chanel or Christian Lacroix or anything? But aaahhh, LV isn't bad too. Ehehe.

c) My destiny is to fly to Bkk, meet with Ray there and want to get to Pom and break up with Ray for good and then walk through the dark streets of Bkk all alone till I meet up with Pom and... *dramatical silence*! Ahaha! OMP, it sounds rather absurd. XD *slaps head* And why Luis Vuitton? Maybe I have high expectations of Pom...hahaaa....or think abt him that he's some fascinatingly perfect being.
(GILA. x_x The real-life me likes him a lot but this..??!!? Eaaaeeh! O_@ *slaps head & walks away*)

Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh I'll really stop this BLABBING. *everyone goes: "Whew!!!"* x_x We bought the new Elle today so I'll have to see it later when Mr. Wavy goes offline.

Listening to: "Cinta Tak Berganti" by Siti Nurhaliza. CANTIK. ^__^ Me loves it very very very very much!!!!!! ^___^
Yay!: I'll get to make a make up to madre today with those new Christian Dior eyeshadows! Whohoo!!! :D
Grrrr: That MATHS tmr!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooo~~~~ O_O *jumps off a cliff*
VAIN WISHLIST: Envy Me by Gucci. That perfume is so damn wonderful. ^^

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Ilkka said...

I just read this comment of yours and the previous one and almost died of laughter many times XD
"Hmm...I sent out the THONG PACKAGE to hubooby today by 1st class so I hope it arrives soon!!! :D The black thong IS comfy, I'm just wearing it & it's pretty kool. And glittery too."
That sounded so Japanese, when I first read it... One could get the image that you first wear the thong yourself and then send it to hubooby XDDD Thong package XDD SEXAI!!! ^^