Sunday, April 02, 2006

The life plan which won't happen like I wish anyways

I know I'm blabbing too much. >_> It's an incurable disease, I apologise for it! :S

Why, oh WHY do I have to see this when randomly surfing the net?!?! TT_TT

WHY, OH WHY?????
Why are Thai islands so gorgeously fascinatingly heartbreakingly awesomely BEAUTIFUL?!?

And why, oh why can't I live in:
a) Thailand
b) Malaysia
c) Singapore
d) Korea ?????

Ugh. Unfair life. =_=

But *ahem*. A girl can dream so let me daydream now about things I wish to happen but am sure that they won't happen as I wish cuz that's just the rule.

But still, LET ME DREAM while I can:

18yrs~21yrs - Communication Design Bc. at Cenfad in the wonderful Malaysia
21yrs~24yrs - continue my studies at some Design uni in Korea. Me wanna Master's. And me wanna overdose of Korean dramas, music and food too! Haha!
After uni - find a good job with a good salary!!!! ^^
At least 26yrs but can be even 40, who cares~ - go marry someone who'll be good, caring, gentleman, non drinking, non smoking, a handsome Asian, caring, know how to cook & will love me forever and always no matter what's going on. NOOOOOOO, I'm not demanding AT ALL, right? >_> *slaps head* <_< style="color: rgb(51, 153, 153);">When having enuff money - go buy a bungalow in Thailand. Mahogany floor is a must! XD And pink and golden orchids in the kitchen won't hurt also, especially if the kitchen isn't any IKEA crap but some special design thingee. All white with sleek lines and an elegant luxurious look. MMMmmMMMM aaaaahhhhh~~~~ *dreamy sigh* BEAUTIFUL. ^_^
Oh yes & a must is also to have A COOK. I think having a HANDSOME KOREAN GAY COOK is the best, at least my future husband won't be anxious, nervous & jealous and yet I still can drool. Wahahaha!!! XD
When living in the bungalow - buy the wonderful Connemara pony. But just in case I'm not too busy with my work. :P Well, but buy some dog at least. Something Haku-ish. ^^ I LOVE Haku. ^^
When feeling like it - Why not have a kid? And adopt one? I wanna adopt a Cambodian or a North Korean girl and be a good mom to them. But WTF, kids get on my nerves like no one now..hahaa....hopefully it'll change. XD
When old, wrinkly & with saggy nanoboobs - spend my wrinkly times TRAVELLING.
To everywhere.

My hopefully-still-alive-wrinkly-husband will travel with me of course! ^^ To North Korea, Tahiti, Fiji, Puka Puka, Irian Jaya, Kamchatka's peninsula, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Greece again, Japan, Cambodia, India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Russia, Andaman islands, Seychelles, South Korea, Philippiness, USA & its national parks, Canada & the Nunavut area, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, Carribean, Costa Rica, etc. etc. etc. ETC. HA!!!! I guess we'll have to have 30 platinum credit cards in order to pay up these trips. XD
When too old, wrinkly & with saggy nanoboobs - spend my wrinkly times in my Thai bungalow playing with our old wrinkly dog. Ha! I'll be looking at the sandy beach when sitting at the patio and listen to the waves crashing and contemplate about my life. ^^ Then I'll go to the downtown to buy some gorgeous Baldinini heels for my awful wrinkly feet with puprple nail polish (!!!) cuz even we, old wrinkly women want to be pretty. WAHAHA! XD
And when I die... - take my ashes and throw 1/2 of it to the crystal blue Thai sea & the other half to the mighty beautiful peaks of High Tatra. ^^ Okays? ^_^

MUAHAHAHAAAA, alright, I'll end this pointless entry now!!! :D *everyone sighs with relief*
A girl can dream. ^^
A boy can dream also so duckies, tell me about YOUR dreams, k? ^^ Me is looking forward to see it at your blogs. :D ^^

Listening to: "Touch" by Amerie. Maaaannn, such a sexy song, whaaaa, it rocks!
Yay!: Cinema tmr! Jap/Thai food tmr too! ^^
Grrr: Hmm...maybe grr that I can't be in that pic of Koh Samui above? T_T

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