Friday, April 07, 2006

Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Me & Ray decided on ANOTHER CHANCE.
I dunno how will this rship continue but for now it's relatively good... I just hope that what we said weren't just empty words which won't turn true. We shall see.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend.

Will the love be the same or different? .......... Different for sure, things do affect us. It's still awkward to talk normally.

Oh & of course....

Lots of love, happiness, shiny feathers, great experiences, dreams coming true & lotsa lotsa yummy food!!!! :D

I have no gift, I'm really sorry! I wanted to buy something but then I realized that I don't have your address. u_u *sniff*
Next time! ^^ Or this time! Just gimme your addy my lovely ducky sis! ^^ Thaaanks!!! *hugs*

Where in the poophell is Pom? He said he'll come online & told me to wait for him. I'll wait, I' prob...but still... *scratches nose impatiently* Well, anyways. Come Pom or I'll wave your hair again. *wags fingers* Bwahahaha. :P Or don't come today if you're tired but come tommorrow.

Listening to: Guess~~ =_= RYU!!!!! *slaps head* My Memory. Ooohhh, I'm so hopeless. So so so hopelessly hopeless! @_@ XD
Yay!: Yay goes to the another chance. ^^ Yay goes to Pom not going to army/navy so I can meet with him (and Pui & Pong) on Xmas. ^^ And IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! ^___^
Grrr: I really want to buy some belt. But I can't choose any...all are so-so but nothing satisfying my picky taste. >_>
DON'T FORGET: F&%*(^$@&(((* PHYSICS TEST ON MONDAY!!!!! AAAAAaAAAaAAFfgggghjghhdd, can you just kill me 1st????!!!??? O_O x_x

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