Monday, April 17, 2006

Vain Ah Lian Quack No. 1

I warn you all men that this entry will bore you to death & make you all turn gay cuz you'll see how horribly unbearably vain we women are. Ha! Oh, and my sayang hubooby will lose all his remaning illusions of his wife! QUACK! x_x

Congratulate me, for I've re-discovered the miracles of human world called "water", "shower gel" (moreover with a beautiful & sexy wild rose fragrance), "shampoo" (I love that 2 in 1 Timotei with cucumber! ^.^), "hair balsam", "toothpaste" & "tootbrush" and "body lotion".
I feel like a human again. ^_____^

I've wanted to re-polish my right toe again cuz it's not smooth and nice enough but I will do that tommorrow. Sleeping in a room smelling strongly from a nail polish is NOT good.

Continuing with my vain-ness (does such word even exist?)...


I mean, I'm not fat compared to some people who are really obese (like they weigh 100kg & etc.) but I'm fat compared to my usual self.
I daresay I weigh 62kg now. *faints*
That's NOT good, my usual weight (in Europe) is 58kg & 54kg (in Asia). <--- Here you can see beautifully that it's true that Asian food is healthy! I was eating like a pig for whole 2 months in SEA & I lost 4kg.

Aiyah. @_@
I admit that I have curves now - esp my ASS CURVE is very visible - but I don't like it. =_=

Some my clothes don't fit me at all (too small!) or they do fit me but they're way tight.
When I'm sitting or bending down, awful walrus pieces of 'bacon' (as we here call fats) are cascading down my pants/skirts like a cheerful fat waterfall.
I feel like I'm sitting on a very huge heavy armchair - and man, that armchair is just my ass! O_O

Where's my 58kg? u_u *sniff*

It's clear.
I must start an Asian diet, it seems like working on me.
Diet in the meaning of "eating Asian food" not in the meaning of "dying from hunger ". Voluntary dying from hunger is gross, people all over the world are dying from hunger cuz they have nothing to eat & there I'd go kicking away all the meals cuz in all my vanity I feel that "my hips are fat".... BLEH. <_<

Tommorrow me & Kika will go for miso shiru to that nice sushi bar at Hviezdoslav's Square. If I have time for that, I'll go buy sesame oil tmr also - I desperately need it for all my cooking (mmmm, Thai rice with chicken, bulgogi, bibimbap, fish, soups..).
I'll be drinking Pu Erh a lot. It helps as well.
I won't eat sweet stuffs like my grandma's cakes or chocolates. However, eating lychees in a can is not a bad idea. :D *yum yum*

That'll be kool. I'll imagine that I'm in Asia! :D
There are so many recipes I haven't tried out yet anyways...and we have so many Asian cookbooks. That's what I call a sin. Duh~~

As if this blab wasn't vain enough, MY SKIN IS SO AWFULLY UGLY.
I can't stand it. >_< It's horrible!!!! *hides in a dark cave*
It's a result of excessive greedy eating & little sleeping in Piestany. I ate like a pig & I look like one too - only pigs are prettier!

Now I'll do something intelligent & go sleep. Tmr at 2pm I'm meeting up with Kika and we're of to downtown. I choose not to look like a boxed panda!

Listening to: "เสียไปไม่เท่ากัน" by Chocolate. Not bad...a typical relaxing Thai mainstream music I'd say. ^^ Quack here if you wanna listen to it.
Yay!: I AM CLEAN & *relatively* PRETTY AGAIN!
Grrr: Fats, zits, awful awful awful me. Itchy eyes, no money, 95% of me not going to KL to see boyfriend in summer. Aaarrgghh.
DON'T FORGET: Buy thongs tommorrow. Ask Pom what's with Armchair's CD (he was so nice the other day, I told him I broke up with R and he said: "Don't worry Mich, I'm standing by you". ^^ Khob khun ka, Pom! It's good to have a friend like him. Wavy hair & ability to cook RULEZZ!~ :D)

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