Thursday, May 04, 2006

Being An Artist In Slovakia

I've just watched the Seoul Collection S/S 2006 at Arirang by Byun G. ? (if I'm right) & it was interesting. The models were ugly (esp one European girl, she looked simply awful with nose like a crooked potatoe) but the designs were really pretty.
I can't imagine STV airing something like this. All they can do is air "Slovakia Seeks The Superstar" and "Post For You" and stupid programmes for stupid STV1 at least, which is a rather commercial part of STV.
Aigooo. Life in Slovakia sucks if you graduate from something artistic. My art prof's son Ivan is just getting his Master's degree from Sculpture & Restoration at VSVU (Vysoka skola vytvarnych umeni - University of Fine arts) but I can't imagine his career too well. By making sculptures he can't earn for a decent living & even though by renovating he could be well-off soon cuz many things in this country needs to be restored, the investors usually don't have the $$$ for hiring a restorator and all...
No way out.
Poor Ivan.

Especially fashion designers have it tough here. 5 million inhabitants, most of them are conservative villagers and even the state's TV isn't able to air the fashion show like Arirang does. There are few well-known fashion designers here but really just few.
Lea Fekete & Fero Miklosko are the most famous ones here I guess...

Still, it must be a great feeling to watch your own fashion show. Wah! *_* I'm proud even when I create a good make-up to someone, choose clothes well for someone or dye one's hair well..hah...I guess I'd fly to the starry sky from all the proud feelings. Hehe.

This is a very silly entry, full of blabbing.
And SHIT, I'VE JUST REMEMBERED THAT TOMMORROW I HAVE A MATHS EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*faints from horror* @_# H
ow could have I forgotten, even today I was replying to Pom's email telling him about it, aaahhh!!!!! >___< *dies*
Analytical geometry my ass..................... =_=

Btw ...

Wish you all the best, man.
Be happy, safe, kool, funny & great as always.

*huuuuge huuGGssss*

Haiyah. =_=
I wanted to watch some more Winter Sonata but it seems like I can't. MATHS EXAM. Wtf. I prefer drooling over Bae Yong Joon......................even though he looks almost like S (well, S isn't that handsome). Wahahaha. I'm abnormal, I know. :P

Btw duckies, I really really apologize for not replying to all your SMSes, I don't want my father to kill me, my bills use to be terrible (2000Skk++) & I really don't wanna risk death. *sigh*

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: I've sent out the letter to Ray today, ate yummy stuff at Govinda, finished my oil on canvas, swooned over BYJ (very healthy!), bought Indian sweets to my art prof & K & bought very idiotic yellow-white socks with bunnies. Wahahaha. XD
Grrr: 0th class tmr with English test, MATHS EXAM. Fuck fuck fuck.
DON'T FORGET: REPLY TO ALL THOSE EMAILS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >___< Pick up hubooby's bday gift. Pick up contact lenses if you can. Wait for grandma to arrive. WRAP UP THE BDAY GIFT FOR IVOR.

I'm going to marry Kang Joon-Sang, whether you like it or no. *happy sigh*

Wahahhahahah, I'm really retarded. XD

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