Saturday, May 06, 2006


I've just SMSed my half-brother Tomas whom I've seen once in my whole life. O_O

Hi Tomas, I know it's kinda late & I'm annoying's really stupid to have a brother & not to know him. :-I I'd like to see you someday so I can at least know how you look, I don't remember it anymore. :S If you don't want it, it's okay. Good night! :)

A bimbo SMS, I admit... In Slovak it looked a bit less bimbo-ish but still enough for him to delete it. -_-

I wonder whether Tomas still uses that number... I wonder if he gets my SMS... I wonder if he replies... I wonder what he replies... Will he want to meet up with me? O_o
We've been SMSing to each other before for some time but then we stopped.. *sigh* All I know about him is that he's maybe 24~27 years old (I don't know exactly), graduated from business, worked for SITA, plays futsal and..hmm...that's all.
It's sad to have a half-bro & not know him at all. We've talked on the phone for few times and he seemed like quite a nice guy... I wonder how he is in real life, in person.

I'm scared of the reply - if I get any...his cellphone number might be different now, I really dunno.

Tomas, will you reply to me? Do you still remember me? Cuz I do... I haven't forgotten you but you looked reluctant to meet me before & I wouldn't dare to force you. Why can't I know you, why my father never let me know you? Fucker, ain't he?
I wish I knew you. Having an older half-bro must be great!


Fuck, fuck, I hope he hadn't changed his number. x_x

Listening to: "Coward" by BUZZ.
Yay!: I've been stalking S's dad & I got to know many things about him. Wahaha.
Grrr: WILL TOMAS REPLY?!?! I'm scared. @_@

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