Thursday, May 11, 2006

So springy

After editing the template for 468864 times & adding all the links in a different HTML style (or whatever it is), here is finally my beloooooooooved beauuuutttiful fresh clean neat feminine springy blog look!!!! ^____^

If you wanna see MORE beautiful templates, go here.

YAY!!! ^_^
Me is happy for a vain blog layout reason. :P ^^

Listening to: One song by Epik High which name I can't remember now. ._.
Yay!: This layout rocks ducks. And LI HONG IS OFF TO CHINA IN 2 DAYS AFTER 5 YEARS!!!! ^___________^ I'm so happy for her! *dances samba*
Grrr: Maths exam tmr. Haiyoh! -_-
  • school
  • out with Haku
  • online cuz of Pom
  • meet up with friends - Thai cuisine
  • wait home until maybe 6pm & go out with Linda in an ah lian way
  • meet up with Li Hong if she has time
SHIT!!!! So many things!!!! >_< Clone me!


Anneesa said...

OoooOoooOOOhhh! I like your new layout! Quacker-ific! LOL.

Princess Mich said...

Haaa, it's quacky nice, ain't it? ^^