Monday, May 22, 2006

Jeseniova Paradise

I've taken a walk along Jeseniova street today...hoping to see S who lives there but ahem, I haven't seen him. *sobs*

We're thinking of moving to a bigger apartment & at Jeseniova they're building a BEAUTIFUL VILLAS with TERRACES & a LITTLE GARDENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- Don't dare to book the one left unbooked, that belongs to us! Mwah!

Yeah, these darlings.... *points up*

Horribly damn beautiful, according to the thing, there's only one more unbooked apartment left!!!!!!!!!!! 3 750 000Skk, that's not so much!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, I wanna live theeeeeeeeereeeeeeeee~~~~~~ O_O ^_____^ *___________*

S lives nearby, the location is PERFECT, I know this district well (I live 10mins by feet away from it) & just aaahhhjgvghghffd, I WANT IT!!! *__*


Please, please, make money rain from the sky, so I can buy Pure by Jil Sander!Yesterday I've tried it & it's VERY nice. It's pure (well, how else), soft, clean, feminine (but not too sweet), classy & very....BEAUTIFUL.
I fell in love with it (along with Envy Me by Gucci). *_*

Please, tell S to come up to my door holding a bouquet of English tea roses & Pure by Jil Sander...

*slaps head*
I'm so pathetic. =_=

And Tomas is a dickhead. *sigh*

Listening to: "Don't Forget Me" by Ryu
Yay!: I've found a nice outlet store with GREAT branded things. Lotsa Bennetton & Mexx stuff, me likes it a lot, yum yum yum! ^^
Grrr: I wanna know what's with R. :( I wanna know what's with S. I wanna know my fucking bastard half-brother & slap his balls.

Every evening I'm thinking of emailing R No, it's too early for that. It's sad though cuz I care for him, I wonder what's with him...and I've noticed that no one from his family talks to me now. His sis or bro are online but they don't message me..oh well. ._.

I have to get used to IGNORANCE already.
My dickhead bro is ignoring me, I can (and must) handle few (4) other people. -_-

Everyday I'm thinking of S & knowing that me & him being together is as possible as Prince William marrying my mother. *sigh*
There's no justice in this world!!!!!! Justine knows what I mean, right? u_u

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