Wednesday, May 17, 2006

THE Challenge

Mérde!!!! O_O

Look at this:

"Applicants for degree programs must submit the application form and fee, transcripts of previous study, test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL as per educational background - see What tests do I need to take section for more information), Portfolio (for BFA programs) and Home Exam. Please make note of the details specific to the program for which you plan to apply in the Application Materials section.

The following is to be complete regardless of intended major.

Home Exam

1. Draw a self-portrait in pencil. Colored pencil is acceptable. Draw from a mirror and include foreground and background. (Oh, no. ._.)
2. Use cut or torn paper to construct a color collage representing an interior scene. (Shit, I've never done that!!!!)
3. After completing the collage described above, draw the same scene in a black and white medium.


1. The portfolio should consist of observational drawing and painting work, including portraits, still life, figure drawing and interior and exterior spaces. Artwork should demonstrate the applicant's ability to represent the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional plane.
2. Portfolios should not contain work specific to an intended major. You are not applying to a particular department. You are applying for entry into the school based on our freshman requirements.
3. We will not review work copied from a two-dimensional source, such as a photograph or work created solely from the imagination."

Should I die or what?! O_o
I seriously doubt getting into Parsons Paris... TOEFL, Home Exam & Portfolio....OMG... That's just MAD. O_# I'm not that good... ._.

Well, this is nice. My this year's summer holidays will consist of learning the whole Spanish grammar, attending the TOEFL prep classes & drawing, painting, drawing, painting, drawing, painting, drawing, painting, drawing, painting, drawing, painting, drawing, painting and...drawing, painting!!!! *faints*

Hmm. But you know what... I'm thinking about Fashion Design as well. They say I have a good taste in clothes, accessories & I'm quite good at doing make up to people so.. Well, I think I could be a good fashion fashion designers usually work freelance what's really great I think. FREEDOM. Waaahhh~~~ ^_^ Freedom is just great... Plus... Seeing my work published somewhere in Elle or Vogue would be nice.
Haha, I admit that Oh Chelin inspired me! :P

Ooops, alright, it's almost 10pm so I must quack away to learn the whole Psychology for tmr's Society Studies test. -_- Tolonglah!!!! *dies*

Listening to: "King Without A Crown" by the hella kool orthodox Jew Matisyahu. Yay! :D LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Yay!: Me & Kika went to Aupark today & Kika bought herself elegant black pants & really beautiful white heels. I LOVE advicing people by shopping. See see. I must consider Fashion Design too. ^_^ Heh.
Oooohhh & yes, my friend Lucia said that she thinks that me & S are meant to be together one day. *ah lian giggle* I told her I find it ridiculous & don't believe such blabs but to be honest, I wouldn't really mind it. :P ^^;;;;
Grrr: I still feel guilty & think of what's R doing and all.... I care for him... But....cuz I care, I know I CAN'T return to him or anything. That'd be a disaster!
TMR: Set the date for writing the Chem test!!!

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