Saturday, May 13, 2006


What is it about Taiwanese dramas (well, Korean too sometimes - Winter Sonata for example) where bad guys with complicated brutally stylish hairstyles fall for innocent girls with no make-up, ballerinas instead of sexy high heels, black long hair in a (non-existent) boring hairstyle, boring clothes á la "I'm Mommy's good girl & revealed skin is a sin" & bigggg dovey eyes?


Typical!!!! A wannabe hot guy (he'd be hot with different & normal hair) & an innocent girlie which looks like 6 years old even though she's maybe 19 (I dunno her actual age, I'm just guessing). And see those plushy toys?! OMFP! *faints*
Is it that Asian guys want boring women with no interest in their looks, pure & uncorrupted mind and no IQ as well & the dramas are just copying that trend? O_o Please, NO! *prays*

Another thing. The pretty gals who care about themselves are always the bad ones. Notice the very right gal wearing high heels & having a pretty hair.

(Both pics - credits to Ahnyounghasaeyo which will KILL me after seeing this entry!)

Now also notice the one on the very left (that's the one from the previous pic) wearing that buttoned sack for potatoes?, granny's slippers & having a "I'm-from-kindergarten" hairstyle with an awfully uninteresting fringe. Well, and the damsel in distress face expression which is horribly pissing me off, alongside with the retarded way she stands.

The same goes for Winter Sonata, only the good girl Jung Yujin played by Choi Ji Woo is WAY prettier & the bad ass Oh Chelin (by Park Sol Mi) is..well, quite similar in few things to this Taiwanese bad ass. Long curly dyed hair, high heels, make-up, trendy clothes. And she's prettier as well.

What's wrong with you, men?!

Even Lee Min-Hyung & then Kang Joon-Sang has chosen the boring pure Yujin over the sexy Chelin with long (fake?) eyelashes & luscious lips. Why didn't he choose me? *cough*

.... -_-

(Credits for Yujin to
(Credits for Oh Chelin to

Aiyoh. You, Asian guys in dramas must have some severe Cinderella syndrome. :P

When talking about looks & all... I'm thinking of trying a black shampoo. What do you think, how would I look?! Like idiot? O_o XD
My (HORRIBLY UNTRIMMED!!!!!!!!! *dies in horror*) eyebrows are almost black anyways, it wouldn't be such a brutal thing to do then...I mean - when your hair is, let's say, blonde & your eyebrows dark brown, it looks AWFUL. But if my hair will be black & my eyebrows too..... It can't be bad!

Or maybe I should try the Oh Chelin's hair color?
Well no, I'd look like a cheap bitch then. =_=''' :P

Poor Ray, I'm just giving him various random questions (e. g.: "Do you more like to have a girl with brains & a personality or someone who'll listen to you no matter what & follow you anywhere & have no brain at all?") and he's suffering replying.

BUT...BUT!!!! *dies in horror again*
He....likes....the...idea....of....HOUSEWIVES!!!!! Eeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!! If there's anything I would never want to be, it's housewife. @_# Better me a crazy feminist but this is the 21st century & women are no longer dependant on men & WTF. *mumble mumble*

Eh, anyways. The rant has ended! ^^

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