Friday, May 12, 2006

Primitive waitress assholes

Today would be a pretty nice day weren't it for the fucking primitive attitude of the typical Slovaks.

Me, Linda, Ali & Dada went out to the downtown (with palm trees in pots by the cafés & heaps of disgusting chest-hairy Italians stripping us with eyes) & we decided to sit in one café at Ventúrska street. It's on the corner of Ventúrska and Panská streets. I forgot the name of the café but in case you're in Bratislava or planning to go there, then do NOT visit a place right at the corner of these two streets.

Yeah. So we sat down & a bleached waitress looking like the last slut brought us the menus. We couldn't decide on what to drink - we didn't want a coffee nor whiskey nor mojito (Dada feels sick of it after returning from Cuba) nor tea....but we've spotted that they have fresh juices & Linda also spotted something of which she thought that it's frappe.
I'll now try to recreate the conversation we had with the slutty waitress:

Linda: "Excuse me...this *points at the menu* is something like frappe?"
Waitress: *arrogant bitchy stare at Linda* NO, that's a coffee with nuts. But we have frappe too."
Linda: "Hm, well okay, then one frappe for me please."
Waitress: *bored stare, says nothing to Linda & then groans in arrogant annoyed voice* Next?!?"
Me: "Is this *points at FRESH MANDARINE JUICE in the menu* from tangerines?"
Waitress: "That's from fruits."
Me: "Yes, but from what fruits? Tangerines?"
Waitress: *throws a you-brainless-bitch glare at me* "That's like a fresh juice freshly made from fruits."
Me: "I geddit but I'm asking you whether it's from tangerines."
Waitress: *you-don't-geddit-you-bitch-you-dunno-English? smirk* YEAH, tangerines.

Fascinating. AAARRGGGH!!!!! How can she be so fucking rude?! The location of that shitty café is absolutely posh, in the downtown I automatically expect a 100% perfect service, not arrogant waitresses!
In Slovak the tangerine is "mandarinka". The word "mandarine" also means "mandarinka", I know, but it's not well-known here & in this menu they somehow had the fresh juice chapter only in English, unlike the rest.

Then after like 40mins when I was finishing my mandarine juice (for 85Skk/2dl mind you!!!! FUCKING OVERPRICED!!!!!) the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY came.

I found a piece of wire in it.
That's true!!!!
A PIECE OF A NORMAL, REGULAR WIRE!!!!!! *steams from ears*

I thought I'm going to die of anger seeing it. Not only the waitress was fucking arrogant & the juice overpriced but also I've found a fucking WIRE on the bottom of the glass.
Seeing it I got into thinking what to do.
At first I thought I'm gonna call the slutty waitress & smash her to the ground with my words but cuz there was one Heineken stage with a DJ playing loud reggae-latino music while smoking weed by it, I decided that I'll go inside the place & verbally smash her like fuck there.

Me: *taking up the wire on the straw & showing it off to the staff* Excuse me, but I've found THIS in my drink just now!"
Waitress: *says nothing, keeps throwing arrogant stares*
Waiter: *looks up closely* Aaaeehh...arm...this?! Well, maybe it came from the outside or something." (You fucking bastard, you think I actually PUT it there, issit?!?! PRIMITIVE DICK.)
Me: *sarcastic annoyed angry look & completely cold voice* "YEAH, totally..a wire!"
Waiter: So what I like offer you another drink then?"
Me: *steaming from anger & not wanting any other drink* Well, what I think is that I SHOULDN'T pay for it at all!"
Waiter: *all uneasy* "Sure, sure, sure."
Me: "Thank you very much." *walks out angrily*

From this I can see that those asses dunno what's a standart & customer orientation or a simple respect! FUCKERS!!! In any other café I'd get my money back or in other words, I wouldn't have to pay....and the staff would just KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT & pray that such a thing won't happen again. But those assholes thought that cuz I'm a young Slovak student & not a rich German (Italian, American... foreign~) tourist, I would crouch down & agree to their fucking blabbing of the wire just appearing there in the glass by itself. >_< Argghh.

Btw, when the slutty waitress was giving us a change (it all was for for freaky 235Skk without my drink) she gave us 2Skk from the change in 4 50 haliers (like cents for US$). DAMN RUDE. I've never seen any waiter ever giving a change in haliers! *more steams* We left no tip only those haliers there. WTF.

End of rant.
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How sad. *sniff* u_u It's only 14 now, before it was 17! Man, I suck but okay, who cares. *fake smirk* Actually I do care but that's in my for-recognition-mumbling vain soul so I'll just pretend that I don't care, the always nasty Mich must be indifferent to the things like "readership". Huahaha. -_~ :P


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Ray is coming back tommorrow!!! Yay! :D

Mentioning him reminds me of this beautiful NG wallpaper of Sabah, Malaysia I've found. That water seems almost...well...FAKE! O_o It's so wonderfully turquoise, I can't believe *such* a heavenly place is in this world....
Waaaahhh.... *_* ^_^


It's fullmoon & I won't be able to sleep so I must go out with Haku now... 11.17pm, I hope no one kills me there. Yeah. In overall this was a shitty day starting with coming late to the school, screwing up the Maths exam, almost (thank God) falling down in the bus & this bitch at the fucked up café. Sleep is what I need, SLEEP & PEACE & PRIVACY.

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TMR: Sleep until 12pm at least. Meet up with Pom online.


Ilkka said...

WTF?!?! How can such waitress and service even exist?! That sounds so rude and arrogant that I wonder how can such a café even exist! Gosh. Sounds like a really terrible place.

"It´s fullmoon & I won´t be able to sleep" Question: are you a vampire or a werewolf? ;)

Princess Mich said...

FUCK EM ALL, aarrggghhh, I'll NEVER go there again, only with atomic bomb. >_<

Hah! No, I'm not a vampure or werewolf but I just can't sleep well when it's fullmoon & I dunno why! O_o

Princess Mich said...

I should learn to write. =_~